.:Soul:. Censored… by Flickr.

Okay guys, I don't rant often. I don't complain formally often either, but this time, I think I need to, if anything to get it off my chest. So if you don't want to read a rant/complain/bitch-fest, don't fully open this post. So... apparently, and the email below confirms it, Someone reported my Flickr photos... Continue Reading →

DLS~ New Releases Valiant Tunics & Helm Displays!

Things have been quiet in De La Soul.... too quiet... but that's just because I have been working hard on so many things! (I'm not as organized as I seem.) Two new releases for you this week PLUS both are in the 25L Tuesday Event! ❖❖❖ Valiant Helm Displays ❖❖❖ ►25L each until Aug. 1st!... Continue Reading →

Why I Relay…

We all have various reasons to Relay, to donate, to create for the Fantasy Faire in Secondlife. Each one of these reasons is valid and some, like my own, are rather personal. Why do I Relay? What drives me to join up, year after year since I found out about it in 2010? My Grandmother.... Continue Reading →

Stop Censorship!

Today, Congress holds hearings on the first American Internet censorship system. This bill can pass. If it does the Internet and free speech will never be the same. Join all of us to stop this bill. ************************* Website Blocking The government can order service providers to block websites for infringing links posted by any users.... Continue Reading →

Androgyny Two Update!

I have named the skin Lei... and Lei, has a secret.. one you will have to find out later! Re-tweaking the body a bit (the pecs bother me) and adding a bit more definition over those hips and legs, oh and the... can I say nipples on here? (oops. XD) But yeah, working on those... Continue Reading →

De La Soul Needs YOU!

To vote! I have decided to leave it up to you guys, the ones that will be actually wearing the skins, to decide what the skin tones are! I have set up a voting board (No worries! It's free!) at the entrance plaza. So please, take a few moments of your time and help me,... Continue Reading →

The Idea. The Plan.

How do I start this post off? It's tricky I think.I was asked if I would be willing to undergo a new skin, a decidedly Androgynous Skin and if any of you know me, I took that idea, and it just grew, and grew, and grew. Then I ran with it. Or am I still... Continue Reading →

PLAGUE Hits De La Soul!

News Flash!! This just in...There have been reports of a mysterious PLAGUE that has arisen from inside De La Soul! Though not often deadly, those that contract this baffling affliction begin to grow patches of nearly luminescent skin on their chests, backs, face, and extremities in varying shades of greens, purples, and blues. Other reports... Continue Reading →

More Teasers!

Gawd I am such a TEASE!! I know!Okay, Been tweaking and teasing these skins left and right, trying to make them absolutely PERFECT for YOU! A quick teaser pic, but if you want to see more, check the FLICKR page!Working on several options for these skins, possibly too many to release right away, but they... Continue Reading →

Progress Report! (Mythos Gods)

Decided that Androgynous was just not going to happen right now.  Something kept pushing me to make a more... defined body type. But what can you do when the muse grabs you? I DO plan on making Androgynous skins in the future though!Okay, been working on these skins for over 150 hours. (Yes I did... Continue Reading →

Male Andro Cream Body Shot

Male Andro Cream Body ShotOriginally uploaded by Lerochelle DestinyBeen working like crazy on the male skin sets. Gotta get the body done first so the face in this picture is a bit.. bleh and waaaay feminine. (But it is a good start!) Though I do plan on the skin set being somewhat Androgynous. Chest tweaking... Continue Reading →

The Labor is Over!

Snapshot_010Originally uploaded by Lerochelle DestinyAfter a few long hours of labor, sweating, grunting, and pushing prims about... Okay I gotta stop talking like that! *shudders*The new store is fully open! Come on by and see the wonderful organization I have done along with the repackaging, and new vendor system I have up as well!Pretty soon... Continue Reading →

Rebirth… Renewal… Rejuvination…

Reinvention!Okay so I spent the past few days working endlessly on my new store build and it is finally completed and ready to be brought down among the rest of the living! So for a while... say the next few hours or so.. the store area will be.. empty. Or I will be bringing things... Continue Reading →

Bad Build News…

I was staring at the birdhouse build today and I realized something. That even though it is a gorgeous build and all... there was barely any room for all of my stuff... much less expansion with new products. So.. with a heavy heart, I scrap that build for my store and start looking at those... Continue Reading →


And here it is... proof that I am the cross-eyed creator!Derp!Okay, okay, I'll get back to work now. LOL


Mug Shot!After much debating and fighting with the viewer I use crashing every other skin I try to make, I have finally settled on the nine makeups I will be releasing and I can now start trying to take official pictures of them all!The one at the side is a quick snapshot right before I... Continue Reading →

New Name & Soon a New Store!

Wow I have been busy busy busy the past few weeks. Part in RL getting my kid ready for school, myself prepared for the early mornings to come... @_@... Stocking up on frappes and other caffeine rich supplements!As you can see above, the store has had a revision of it's name. Hopefully this will not... Continue Reading →

Gatcha Get Them All @ DLF!!

Well they are here!!  Well... the one is here at least. In a GATCHA too!The Amazon was a makeup I was just... not.. happy with. They are perfectly fine and all, nearly seamless, and if you know me at all I am a stickler for seams! But that said, there was something about this makeup... Continue Reading →

Birdhouses in the Sky!

Birdhouses in the sky!I had been tossing around several ideas for the store, the place just seemed too hard to navigate, things spread too far out and just confusing for all of you to find what you wanted. I had been toying with the idea of birdhouses in a big tree, each holding a species... Continue Reading →

Still Alive!

I am still alive and kicking! Had a few minor and some major skin tweaks that I needed to do, fixed the ones I already made, and came up with a few more makeups. Honestly there are too many flashing and bouncing around in my head to do in one go, so I am looking... Continue Reading →

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