.:Soul:. Uni Ears Instructions


Thank you for purchasing, or your interest in the Uni Ears from .:Soul:.! The following instructions will guide you in being able to use the ears.

What’s Included:

.:Soul:. Uni Ears
.:Soul:. Uni Ear Blender Rings
.:Soul:. Uni Ear HUD
.:Soul:. Ear Alpha Layer: Also removes system eyelashes.
.:Soul:. Ear Alpha Texture
These Instructions.

**Please Note**

  • Hair bases that have hair in front of the ears, especially those that overlap the area where the base of the ear is, will overlap with these ears.
  • With all mesh attachments, there is no absolutely “perfect” or seamless matching because of how the light hits mesh prims versus the Sl avatar. The best windlight settings are CalWL and Nams Optimal Skin and prim. Keep in mind that windlight settings only change YOUR view, not others.
  • Do NOT unlink your ears from the root prim or rename them, that will break them! If you want to add earrings, etc. to the ears, link them in addition without modifying the ears. Also, other scripts will not work when linked to the ears, so if you have scripted earrings, I recommend “add”ing them instead of trying to link them to the ears.
  • A note on the Mer ears. These ears, while having the same UV layout as the other ears, take a different texture due to shading. Not all creators will make appliers for them, so be sure of what you are purchasing.

Getting Started:

**Make a COPY of the Ears BEFORE editing!**

Wear the Ear Alpha Layer and the Ears.

You will need to adjust your ear shape to fit the mesh ears better.

Optimal Ear Shape:

Ear Size: 20
Ear Angle: 10
Attached Earlobes: 0
Ear Tips: 50

Some adjustment will be needed to get the ears to fit your head shape best. The ears are individual pieces, and I’ve tried to make them easy to adjust manually. Edit Linked to select each ear separately.

Blender Rings:

These are an unscripted add-on to fit around the base of the ears to possibly help them blend into skins that are harder to match to. You do not need to wear these rings, and there is no guarantee they will fit your head shape perfectly. To Edit, edit Linked and select each one. To tint, you can simply tint the whole thing manually without worrying about affecting the ears themselves.

 Using the HUD:

 Wear the HUD, it will attach to the bottom left side of the viewer.


The Skins side has nine predefined skin textures made to match the Catalina Human skins by .:Soul:.

If you have an applier from another creator, you can wear that and apply the skin texture with that.


Best to be set in this order.

  1. Choose your desired tattoo. If you have a Tattoo Applier, you set this now.
  2. Select the color of your Tattoo. This will set the transparency of the Tattoo to none.
  3. Then adjust the transparency and glow to your desired effect.


When setting Glow, if you change the transparency, it will automatically turn off the glow. Just set the glow again to your desired level. You can also “hide” the tattoo layer, then set the glow to only have glow, but no texture!

 Play around with the options and have fun!


Use the tinter at the bottom of the HUD to match the skin texture to another skin or to change the color of the Tattoo Layer. To apply the tinting, click the preview button on the color picker.

 Tinting Undo Feature:

When changing the tint, the preview will swap back to the previous color chosen as an “undo” feature. To set a color in the preview window so it won’t swap back, simply double click it on the hue picker.

 There is currently no way to “save” tints for different skins via the HUD.


To use Appliers, just simply wear the applier and click it. The Texture should be applied directly to the ear without the need for the main HUD to be worn. (Unless you need to tint it at all.)

 If you are a creator that is interested in the Developer’s Kit for the ears, you can find it at .:Soul:.

The instructions for the Developer’s Kit can be found HERE.


10 thoughts on “.:Soul:. Uni Ears Instructions

  1. Wish the Color Picker when you trying to match your skin tone told you the numbers or had a placeholder so I knew where i clicked before. Otherwise I love these ears. If I made skin I would ask how do I make appliers for them. But I’m not a texture girl.

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