OMGERD! Another .:Soul:. Update!

ALL Female Ranitomeya Sets have been updated, including the SE versions available at Fantasy Faire 2016!

  • This fixes the Genesis applier textures so it fits the Genesis 2.0 faces better.
  • The [FF2016] Emma Set is updated as well!

TO GET YOUR SE (Special Edition Fantasy Faire) Update:

  • WEAR the SE Body Appliers HUD. Wait for Blue Menu and follow those instructions on how to get your update.
  • Non-SE purchasers will be getting updates sent out automatically!
    * If you do NOT get your update automatically…
    >> Go to .:Soul:. and slap the REDELIVERY terminal. <<

Updates are for the following Female Sets:

.:Soul:. UPDATES!

Two updates for you guys!

Wings Update – NOW THEY FLAP!!!

7.18.16 – Updated to include Animated Flapping Pair of wings and Animation Control HUD. Minor glitches also fixed.

  • There was a goof up with the servers sending the updates. If you got an update but it didn’t include the pair of wings marked Anim, and an Animation Control HUD, run to the store and grab a new redelivery!

Tails Update – Bugs

7.17.16 – Fixed Ghost Tail bug when using the Uni Ear HUD. Tail no longer responds to Uni Ear HUD. Can still make Ghost Tail by adjusting Skin Alpha to HIDE on the Tail HUD.

Please remember with the tails:

When you first get the tail and attach it, the Omega Tatt layer will be showing.

Go into the HUD> Markings> Omega> to the Sliders at the top of the Omega section, set Alpha to HIDE.

Now run off my lovelies and enjoy your new and improved toys!❤

ROMP with .:Soul:.

Lloth’s Hold – Collar (25% off!)

Drow inspired, unisex elegant Spider Web Collar.

  • Includes
    • Collars (NO TRANSFER!)
      • Male and Female Sizes (Resize scripted & MOD)
      • Scripted Neck Posture, Neck Posture+Shoulders, & Unscripted.
      • .:Soul:. Lloth’s Hold – Collar HUD
      • 7 Metals
      • 7 Gemstones
  • HUD Change:
    • Spider
    • Webbing
    • Spines
    • Rivets
    • Inner Collar & Edge
    • Outer Collar
    • Spider Gem Eyes
ROMP July 2016 Banner

I’m a TAXI!

.:Soul:. Dreamweaver of Orcs and Tails!

There is a lot to get through, so bear with me and hang on until the “tail” end of this post!

The Liaison Collaborative - July - Dreamweaver

For my first round I bring you…

SE Choctaw – Complete Sets 25% off

Native Paint Tattoos 25% off

Main Store Releases:

25% off through the 15th!

Emma & Emmanuel in [SE Orc]

YES! They ARE Animated!

Such a happy tail!

Happy Dreamweaving!

~ Charlie ~

Don’t Forget! Abstract Soul’s 50% off Sale ends on the 10th! You can find the items in the Buildings & Furniture Room!


.:Soul:. Emma & Emmanuel Human Skins & Appliers

OUT NOW at the .:Soul:. Mainstore!

A quick note: You CAN wear Male OR Female Gen2 Heads/Skins with either gender body! So long as the mesh fits at the neck, and the appliers are there for it, you can wear it!

.:Soul:. Gen2F - Emma - Human System Skins & Head Appliers

.:Soul:. Gen2F – Emma – Human System Skins & Head Appliers

.:Soul:. Gen2F - Emmanuel - Human System Skins & Head Appliers

.:Soul:. Gen2F – Emmanuel – Human System Skins & Head Appliers

Gen2 Male System Skins & Head Appliers Includes:

  • System Skins
  • Head Appliers
  • Head Appliers For:
    • Omega
    • Adam Head
    • Mesh Project
    • Catwa Head
    • Genesis Head
  • Other Appliers:
    • Bentbox Ears
    • .:Soul:. Uni Ears
    • Body Hair (Omega)
  • Body Options:
    • Toned or Muscled
    • Body Hair or None
  • Face Options:
    • Brow or NoBrow

Gen2 Female System Skins & Head Appliers Includes:

  • System Skins
  • Head Appliers
  • Head Appliers For:
    • Omega
    • Mesh Project
    • Catwa Head
    • Lelutka Head
    • Genesis Head
  • Other Appliers:
    • Bentbox Ears
    • .:Soul:. Uni Ears
  • Body Options:
    • Toned or Muscled Tummy
    • Full or Soft Breasts
  • Face Options:
    • Brow or NoBrow


Male Appliers

Female Appliers

Body Appliers Include:

  • MALE
    • Toned or Muscled Bodies
    • Body Hair or No body Hair
    • Nail Appliers (when available)
    • Toned or Muscled Bodies
    • Full or Soft Breasts (Nipples when available)
    • Nail Appliers (when available)

Yes, you saw it right, there are FATPACKS for all Gen2 Skins and Appliers! Don’t let the price scare you, you get 1 skin free at that price! Plus the V.I.P. Group Discount if you have it!


.:Soul:. Lucky Lucky Chairs!!

As promised, The lucky chairs are back out for VIP Members and the items are sure to hit your summer orange cravings!

One chair each. You must be in the VIP group to use the chairs, buuuuut… if you are impatient or don’t want to join the group, you can purchase the skin sets right between the chairs. (15% VIP group discount still applies if you are in it!)

Hop on down and try your luck!

TAXI TO .:Soul:.

.:Soul:. 2500 Member VIP Group Gift!

The VIP group reached 2500 members! As promised, I’ve released a super special group gift ONLY available to the awesome Soul Stalkers!

Emma and Emmanuel in SE Twilight

Thank you all for sticking around and loving what I do!

Not a member? You can join the group for 250L!

Now, before you say that that is a lot…

  • The Special Edition Skin Complete Sets would normally be priced at 1299L each.
  • VIP members get 15% off ALL sales in the store! (except Gatcha)
  • Plus there are MANY more gifts and discounts only available to group members!
  • The group chat is also awesome!

Come get your free Skins and be sure to wear your tag!❤

TAXI to .:Soul:.