.:Soul:. Kissers Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the .:Soul:. Kissers!

If you’re looking for the instructions on making appliers for them, please go HERE.

What’s included:

  • The Kissers (Mouth)
  • The Kisser HUD – for Gen1 Catalina & Dominic Skins
  • Alignment Tattoo & Applier
  • Kisser Alpha Layer
  • Catalina or Dominic Shapes (in the 5 Standard Sizes for instant fitting.)
  • NC with the link to here!

***Before you do ANYTHING!!!***

Make a COPY of your shape and the Kissers! You will be editing these so it’s always a good idea to edit the copy, just in case!

Wear and Go Style:


  1. The Small Size Shape (or for male, Medium) that was included with the Mouth.
  2. The Alpha Layer.
  3. The Kissers HUD.
  4. The Catalina Skin, or Skin of your choosing that includes Kissers Appliers or Omega.
  5. If you don’t have a Catalina or Dominic Skin, or an applier for another skin, you will have to purchase one.

Further Fitting:

Cupid’s Pout

The Kissers HUD –

All Kissers have been updated to a new .:Soul:. HUD Style! Check out the Instructions HERE!


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