G&S Vendors

For a while, I was using the G&S System in an RP setting. As such, I was inspired to create several vendor sets to enhance not just my own, but other users experience in shopping markets for items created with this system. Sadly, my time using and creating these vendors ran out, as my tastes changed.

However, so many of you still buy them, either for use with the G&S System, or as roleplay props, that I have found a need to create this Help page.

What is the G&S System?

The G&S system is an optional enhancer to roleplay through the ability to tend fields, grow your own produce and animals, mine, trade, and sell for the G&S coins. You are able to cook the food you grow for energy to do specific tasks, or sell cooked food, animals, and other creations as well.


Getting Started with the G&S System:

You can pick up the G&S HUD and all official items here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/27655

The HUD Instructions – Basics on how to use it. http://guardiandelassombras.com/slsimfarm/hud/help-ing.html


Specific questions about my vendors :

Q. What are they, exactly?

A. My G&S Vendors and Storage items are, simply put, vendors and storage for the items you create inside the G&S system. They also make very good roleplay props for a medieval, to fantasy market setting. http://tinyurl.com/DLS-G-S-Items

Q. How do they work?

Answer: (Note: Some items are coalesced, and you should rez it with the edit window already open to make sure you have all the pieces selected before moving.)

  1. Simply rez the vendor or storage you would like to use to the ground, and position where you want it to be located via the edit menu.

  2. In the Contents tab in Edit mode, open up the script (Titled Example 2) that is modify-able and change the following line at the beginning: integer PVP = 15; So that the number is the amount of G&S coins you want to receive for each sale. Save the script. (Skip this step for storage units.)

  3. Drag and drop your G&S items you want in the vendor into the Contents tab of the Edit window with the vendor/storage selected. The script and hovertext should reflect the change. Vendors will have the name of the first item in the contents and the price [G&S], while Storage will have the name, plus a count of how many items the unit has inside.


Q. I want to sell my G&S items for Lindens. Is this possible?

A. Yes! however, I do not provide the scripts to do so, nor will I provide any support on this change. The best thing I have found for using them to sell for Lindens is this set-up HERE. Though I do not provide any support with it, nor have I ever used it before.


Q. How do I set it up as a roleplay prop only?

A. That hovertext is annoying for use as roleplay only props, plus you don’t need the scripts inside for this purpose.

  1. Edit the vendor or storage unit and go to the Contents tab in the Edit window. Delete the scripts. (Both of them.)

  2. Drag the Hovertext Remove script https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DLS-Hovertext-Remove-Script/4984888 into the Contents tab to remove the hovertext that remains.

  3. Delete the Hovertext Remove script. You may now take the item back into your inventory, or copy as many as you like, wherever you like on your land as roleplay props.


Q. I can’t see the items when I wear or rez them! Why?

A. They are 100% original mesh items created by myself, so you need a mesh capable viewer to see them.


Q. Do you include the G&S system items?

A. No, but let me explain this one. I do not include the items created through the G&S system with these vendors. You have to create those yourself, in-world, through using the G&S system. I do not, and will not, supply you with items to sell inside these vendors.


Q. Does the bow and quiver actually work as a weapon?

A. No, they do not. However, since they are copy/mod, should you feel industrious enough, I’m sure you could figure out how to script them as weapons. I provide no support on this matter, however. I am not a weapons scripter by any means.


Q. The items show as No Modify! I thought you said I could edit them?

A. Yes, you should be able to. They will show up as No Modify in your inventory due to one of the scripts being set to those permissions. This is not something I can not change. The original scripts were created by Guardians de la Sombre, not myself.


Q. Guardians de la Sombre just released a new item. Are you going to make a vendor or storage for that?

A. No. I am no longer making vendors for the G&S system. Sorry. This includes updates such as new skin textures and threads.


Q. You used to sell the vendors and storage for G&S coins. Where can I buy them like that?

A. Sadly, my time and effort wasn’t being paid for properly when I sold my items for G&S coin, so I removed that ability. You can only purchase the G&S Vendor and Storage for Lindens at my main store, the Marketplace, Primbay, or in-world at an outlet.


Q. There was a notice about an update for an item I bought?

A. If you need to get an update, or just simply need a redelivery, stop at my main store and slap my Redelivery Terminal crate at the landing point, then follow the directions.


Q. The G&S item I purchased isn’t listed on the Redelivery website. What now?

A. Check the name of the folder your G&S vendors or storage are in. Does it say “Coin” at the end? If so, you purchased it for G&S coins and not Lindens, and therefore I cannot give you a redelivery. You will need to purchase the vendors or storage again, for Lindens. I no longer provide support or updates for the G&S coin-bought vendors and storage units.


Should this page not answer your questions, feel free to contact me in-world! I do only speak English, however, but I can make out a little spanish and translators are wonderful things.

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