Blogger Requirements

Minimum Requirements to be Considered as a Blogger for .:Soul:.

✿ Your blog must be older than 6 months and at least 2 posts a month since then.

✿ Your blog must be syndicated on at least three Second Life feeds, such as Second Social, Second life Fantasy Feed, or IheartSL.

✿ Flickr account required.

✿ One SL group slot required + One Group slot for OPTIONAL V.I.P. Group.

Rules for Blogging for .:Soul:. :

✿ You must follow the Blogger Rules at all times.

✿ Don’t turn off the Blogger Group Notices.

✿ Check Notices and the Checklist regularly for products.

Blog Post Requirements:

✿ It is MANDATORY that you blog each item from each Blogger Pack within one week. (That means seven days. There are about four New Releases per month.) If there are multiple variations/colors of the same or similar items, one of that set is acceptable.

✿ At least one of the pictures of a blogged .:Soul:. item MUST have the item clearly visible and all .:Soul:. items MUST be credited.

✿ When you have completed each post, fill out the Post Report Form:

✿ It is encouraged that our .:Soul:. Bloggers  share their posts in V.I.P.s chat. (This is what the optional group slot is for.)

✿ No ripped or copyrighted content being blogged or the background.

Social Media Links:

✿ Facebook: (Optional. Tag Soul-SL, not Lerochelle Destiny.)

✿ Twitter: (Optional)

✿ Flickr: (Required)

✿ Flickr Group: (Required)

✿ Marketplace: (Optional)

✿ SLURL: (Required)

Late/Missing Posts:

✿ Check the Checklist!

✿ If a column in the Checklist is Listed as Optional, it’s not required to be blogged. All others are required. Group Gifts are not always optional, so check to be sure.

✿ If you are taking an extended leave from SL where you might miss or be late on a post as a result, notify us by filling out this form BEFORE your expected absence:

✿ Filling out the form after the absence will not excuse the missing or late posts.

✿ Bloggers that are two weeks late on posting about an item without notifying .:Soul:. Staff. (Blogger pack send date.), will be removed from the Blogger Tag in the group and put into the Time Out tag. A notecard notifying of this change will be sent to the late Blogger. Bloggers in Time Out do not receive blogger packs or notices.

✿ Failure to blog the missing item(s) after two weeks in the Time Out will result in dismissal from the .:Soul:. Blogger Group.

Post Rejection:

✿ .:Soul:. Has the right to reject a post if it does not meet the minimum criteria as listed above. Should your post be rejected, a notecard explaining why will be sent and you will need to either edit the current post to include or adjust missing requirements, or make a new post.

✿ Rejected posts will be reflected on the checklist, and will not count as blogged.

Requesting Products:

✿ Products can be requested by any blogger that is not late on other required items via the Product Request Form: This form is also utilized for when products are released that have multiple variations or colors. (Example: Full Skin lines.)

Questions about anything? Ask! We don’t bite too hard!

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