2022/23 Blogger Requirements

Blogging for .:Soul:. is an exciting opportunity and we are looking for established bloggers with advanced photography skills that have a wide social media net and a positive attitude.

Blogger Requirements:

  • TWO POSTS PER MONTH ARE REQUIRED. New releases should always take priority over gifts, sales items, & previous releases.
  • ✓ Items must be clearly visible & properly featured. (Avoid excessive nudity, and absolutely no rated R pictures.)
  • ✓ FULL credits to include SLURL’s for the EVENT & Mainstore. (If you do not have a pro account, we expect detailed credits.)
  • ✓ If you take it you must blog it. If the system auto-suspends you for missing a deadline, you will lose your spot.
  • ✓ Add to the .:Soul:. Flickr group & link back to the blog post if able. May post to Discord & the .:Soul:. V.I.P. Group as well.
  • ✓ Add the .:Soul:. logo to your blog page.
  • ✓ Join the Discord. The VIP group is suggested (and free). The links and information is in the Welcome Notecard.

The top reasons for a rejection will most likely be one or more of the following reasons:

  • If you’ve never blogged/purchased any .:Soul:. products in the past.
  • Low quality photography, Heavy filters used on photos, lack of experience, lack of social media presence.
  • Too many sponsors (we need to know you’re going to have time to meet our requirements).
  • Controversial or negative presence on social media including the use of copyrighted content.

Your blogger manager is Selestine Nightfire, ALL blog related questions go to her.

Vacation requests are on a case-by-case basis depending on how much time is required. As a general rule, more than 3 weeks is considered a break, not a vacation.

Those within the blog team will be treated with respect & must also follow our anti harassment, bullying, and discrimination policy.

Social Media Links:


Flickr Group

SLURL (Required)


Facebook (Tag Soul-SL)

Post Rejection:

.:Soul:. has the right to reject a post if it does not meet the minimum criteria as listed above. Bloggers will be notified of rejection and will need to either edit the current post to include or adjust missing requirements, or make a new post.

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