Q. What is F.A.Q.?

A. Frequently Asked Questions.

Please check below to see if your question is answered before contacting me. I will keep updating this page as often as possible to keep you updated as well.

Topics below are as follows:

  • Purchase Related.
  • Product/Item Related.
  • Mesh Bodies and Appliers.
  • Other.

The G&S Vendor and Storage F.A.Q. is here ==> https://soulsl.com/gs-vendors/


Purchase Related:

Q. I bought something from your store and it wasn’t delivered.

A. Here are the steps to handle this situation.

  1. Go to the main store in-world.
  2. In the front room should be a desk with signs. Find the one marked Redelivery Terminal and click it and open the website that it offers.
  3. Choose the product you did not receive from that list.
  4. Your product should be redelivered to you momentarily. (This also works for Marketplace transactions.)

Q. The product you purchased is not listed in that menu?

A. See above.

If the item is not on the list, get your transaction history and send it to me in a notecard along with your account name and when you purchased it. Your transaction history can be found by logging into www.secondlife.com and going to Account > Transaction History, then finding the transaction on that page.

Just copy and paste that transaction’s information into the notecard and send it to me. You can also IM me with the information if I am online. I will respond as soon as I possibly can.

*NOTE* I do check to make sure the information sent to me is valid. I know this may sound harsh but I have had a few people try to scam products out of me by sending me faked transaction proofs. If I do not find the same transaction in my own history I will not give you the product and you will be instructed to take up the matter with Linden Labs.

Q. I bought something from the Marketplace from you and I did not receive it. Can you send it to me?

A. The simplest answer to this is No, I cannot. However there is a reason for this. The marketplace has their delivery and transaction system setup like this:

  1. You make a purchase.
  2. The money is taken from your account and LL holds on to it while they try to deliver the products.
  3. IF the product is delivered, they send the money to the seller. If the product cannot be delivered for whatever reason, then they give the money back to your account.

Keep in mind they state clearly that the delivery and or refund part can take up to eight (8) hours to happen! Yes, I understand you want the product now, that your money is still not refunded, etc. I am sorry, but in this event, I cannot help you.

However! I have run across one or two instances where the product was either declined or lost in transit and I did receive the money for it.

If it has been over eight hours and you have not gotten either the product or your money back:

  • First, go to my main store and spank the Redelivery Terminal See if the item comes up on the web page. If it does, have it redelivered to you from there.
  • Make sure that you do not have me on your blacklist/mute list.
  • If it is not on the web page, send me an IM and I will try to help you find the reason for it.

Just keep in mind that I am as human as you are, and that if I cannot help you or find the transaction at all, you need to file a support ticket with LL to get your money back.

Q. I bought the wrong item. Petite when I wanted full size, a different color than I wanted, wrong gender, etc.

A. Unfortunately, I will not offer refunds or exchange items due to customer error. All items are clearly marked and named so you know what you are purchasing along with the various viewer safeguards that are in place.

Please, pay more attention next time or wait for everything to load fully before making your purchase.

Q. I bought a gift for someone else but it was sent to me by mistake. Can I exchange or refund?

A. Unfortunately, I will not offer refunds or exchange items due to customer error. Both the Marketplace and Caspervend confirm that the item is being given as a gift to the person you named, if it doesn’t say so, it’s not gifting it. Now, if you can show me the records of it saying it was gifting to that person… then something can be worked out. Just be sure to contact Customer Service before repurchasing or resending the gift.

Q. Can I get a refund?

A. All of my products are No Transfer except for Gatcha Items and some select special edition items, so I don’t offer refunds. However, if you end up paying twice for the same item I will refund one of them or you may choose something else in my store of the same value, or choose to receive store credit for that amount instead.

Q. The vendor will not let me purchase something! Why?

A. There could be several reasons for this.

  1. The vendor is offline, or set to not sell until a certain time for an event item.
  2. Is it saying in local that you already own the product, or have already purchased it? See above about getting a redelivery!
  3. If the above is not the case, IM me so I can kick the vendor a few times.


Product Related:

Q. I didn’t get my item I purchased!

A. See above for redelivery instructions.

Q. Why can’t I modify these prims/clothing layers?

A. Sometimes I make something that will say it is No Modify when it actually is. Try modifying the item by editing it. If you still cannot modify it, then most likely it has a re-size script in it. Try clicking it, or if it came with a HUD, find the re-size button on there. If the item did not come with a HUD and doesn’t have scripts in it for resizing, contact me and I will figure out why this happened. Usually if I did not include a resizer of some type, I make my items modify-able. SL has its ways of playing with permissions. LOL

Clothing layers will most often be no modify for copyright protection unless I have made the layer specifically for the purpose of being edited or tinted.

Q. One piece of this set is no copy.

A. Same answer as above basically. This is most often caused by SL not registering a permission change. Contact me and I will verify this, correct it, and send you the corrected version.

Q. How do I work this HUD?

A. Most of my HUDs are straightforward and easy to use and come with instructions as necessary on how to use them. If you still can’t figure something out, feel free to contact Customer Service listed below.

Q. Can you make me a custom product?

A. This includes different colors of an existing product, or something entirely new to my store. The answer is most often “No.”

However, I will and do accept suggestions! Just don’t expect it anytime right away or soon. My list is long and my time is still fairly short. You can fill out the Product Suggestion Form to submit your idea. Be sure to check that it’s not already been submitted first!

If you are dead-set on getting a custom item from me, feel free to contact me but be warned! Be prepared to pay an EXORBITANT amount of money for it! ( 20,000L is minimum.) My time is valuable and for me to drop everything I am doing and make something specially for you, that will cost you. The item also has to be something that I CAN make.

Q. Can I get a Demo of this product?

A. If the item you are wanting to see is mesh, either rigged, or not, or a building, most likely there is a demo for it in one form or another.

    • Buildings are available for viewing at my building platform.
    • Rigged mesh clothing has a demo available for it (or it should). Click the main screen of the vendor and hit the DEMO button. One should be delivered to you shortly.
    • Skins ALWAYS have a DEMO for it. (Except for special edition, or cheapie skins.) Same instructions as above, or scroll through the vendor until you find the DEMO in there or look nearby for the Demo sign.
    • Most Gen2 Skin Demos are Omega Applier and System Skin only. Be prepared for some misalignment due to this.

I don’t have demos for all of my products, but if you ask nicely and I have time I may pop down and wear it for you. ^^

Q. Can I get part of a bundle, or a lower price? Will you trade for something I have made?

A. The short answer to this is No.

    • Unless you are an approved Blogger, I do not give away my items.
    • I do not split up bundles or sell only parts of sets.
    • I do not do trades of any kind.


Mesh Bodies & Appliers:

Q. What is an Applier?

A. An applier is a HUD that will apply either one or more textures to a product that you have bought from another store. Usually this is seen in body parts, or full mesh bodies or heads.

Q. Do you make appliers for “Insert Body Name Here”?

A. If it isn’t in the store, I don’t have it made. Currently, I make body appliers for:

Gen1 Skins:

Gen2 Skins:

Q. What are Omega Hybrid Body Appliers?

A. Omega/Hybrid Appliers are Omega appliers that are fitted for, and or come with hands/feet/extras to fit a specific mesh body. So the Omega/Slink Male Appliers come with the Slink hands and feet (plus willie) appliers along with the Omega hands and feet, etc.

Q. What do these buttons on the Appliers mean?

A. Usually they give you different body or head options.


  • TT = Toned Tummy
  • MT = Muscled Tummy
  • FB = Full Breast
  • SB = Small Breast
  • NH/NBH = No Body Hair
  • BH = Body Hair

Q. I bought the wrong applier for my body/head! Can I get a refund or replacement?

A. The short answer is No. Please see Refunds above.

Q. The applier isn’t applying!

A. Check to make sure of the following:

  • You need to be on Script Enabled land.
  • Is it the right applier for the right product?
  • TMP needs Hardware Skinning to be ON. (It’s in Preferences>Graphics.)
  • Slink uses Av Enhance now. Make sure that is what you are wearing/using. If it isn’t, go and get a redelivery for the update to Av Enhance.
  • Make sure every mesh you are using is up to date.

Q. My body doesn’t match my skin! Halp!

A. I have tested every applier with every skin I’ve made (that are compatible.) to ensure that they do in fact, match. However, there may be a few reasons as to why on your body, they do not match.

  • Somehow, your body has been tinted. This can be caused by using an Omega applier to apply a skin that also tints the body, or by accidentally tinting it yourself if the body is modify enabled. FIX: Try unpacking a new body and using that. You can also test to see if this is the case by wearing a different skin and applier to see if they match. (Not an Omega one.)
  • The skin you are trying to match with the Applier are not compatible. Gen1 Female matches to all Catalina, Davina, and Amberly skins. Gen1 Male matches to Dominic, and so on. FIX: Be sure when you purchase that there is the Gen1 Compatible! Sticker on the skin advert and that you are buying the same tone in both applier and skin. H1, D2, F3, etc.
  • You may have a tattoo or clothing layer that is tinting the skin on either the body or the regular avi. FIX: Turn off and take off all clothing layers and tattoos to be sure this is not the case.
  • If you get a visible seam line where mesh meets, try using CalWL or another mesh friendly windlight setting and turn off ALL facelights and any light sources around you.
  • Gen1 and Gen2 Skins and Appliers are not compatible with each other. Be sure you have both of the same Gen skins/appliers on.

Q. My Body Applier is missing the Head!

A. It’s a body applier. You’re supposed to already own the full skin or head applier which is available separately.

Q. I bought a System Skins & Head Appliers Set and it doesn’t have any body appliers.

A. As the name clearly explains, it only has the System Skins, and head Appliers included. Body appliers are sold separately and can be found on the Body Applier wall in the center of the Skin room.

Q. There is a white (or other color) line around the TMP neck.

A. This is caused by the neck fader not being hidden via the Style HUD. Currently, designers are unable to make neck faders for the Mesh Project bodies. You will have to turn off the neck fader to fix this issue.



Q. I get too many notices from you. Make them stop.

A. If it is from the Subscribo-group, that is done now. If it is from the In-world group, you are free to leave it, or turn notices off, however this means you will not get notices on new releases, or freebies sent out to the group. If it is from the Caspervend system, I ONLY use this to send out notices of updates, along with the actual updated item. Along with the notice is an opt-out link. Be aware that if you opt-out of those, you will no longer get updates as they are sent out. You can still get Redeliveries via the in-world sign, though.

Q. I was in your old VIP group and have been kicked! I want into the new VIP group!

A. I’m sorry, but I gave PLENTY of notice (Over a month’s worth) and kept the new VIP group as open enrollment well past that time as well to ensure that everyone could get in from the old group.

I have no way of knowing that you were in the old group since it is disbanded now. If you want to join the new .:Soul:. V.I.P.s group, you will have to pay the joiner fee if there is one.

 Q. I found someone wearing one of your items, but the creator is different, and I think it may have been copybotted.


I found someone selling something that looks a LOT like one of your items.

What should I do?

A. Contact me right away. I may want to be teleported to where you are so I can see the individual for myself and be sure. If I am offline, take a screenshot or picture of the person wearing my item, if you know how to inspect it, do so too as well and include that in the screenshot. In the IM let me know the creator name, the name of the person wearing the item, what the item is named, and where you saw them wearing the item. I will gladly repay you for the cost of the picture upload.

Whether or not you feel you are 100% sure this person copybotted something of mine do NOT contact them about it. I will handle the situation as I can, and if necessary, file a DMCA on it. Only I can file one on my own products.

Q. Someone else is selling items in your store.

A. Other than myself, NO ONE is allowed to sell anything in my store unless there are vendors rezzed. I will NOT try to sell you something out of my inventory. I will not sell items from my alts either.

If you are unsure about the person you are buying from or speaking to, look at their profile and their account name. If it doesn’t match up with Lerochelle Destiny, it’s not me.


Will NOT attempt to sell you anything from their inventories! 

SoulInviterBot  Is the primary contact for all things Customer Service and Blogger related! 

Q. I am a blogger and would like to blog something of yours. Will you send it to me?

A. If it is a single item, fill out the Product Request Form and you might just get it delivered shortly!

To apply to be a sponsored blogger, note that we use Blogotex now. You can see more here.

When in doubt, or if this page doesn’t answer your question correctly, please contact SoulInviterBot in-world directly!

You can also try the following Groups for assistance:

.:Soul:. V.I.P.s (Pay to join, invite through signs in store)

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