Progress Report! (Mythos Gods)

Decided that Androgynous was just not going to happen right now.  Something kept pushing me to make a more… defined body type. But what can you do when the muse grabs you? I DO plan on making Androgynous skins in the future though!

Okay, been working on these skins for over 150 hours. (Yes I did time myself on 14-18 hours days)
Am I insane? Maybe. Yes. Alright I am!

Is it worth it?

You tell me.
Quick renders of a few of the faces a few days ago with the skin applied to the OBJ mesh of my male shape. (I ❤ Adobe CS5!)

I have made several tweaks and adjustments to these skins already since i took the pictures and hopefully will have better ones soon, along with a body shot!

Broadcasting LIVE from your friendly, neighborhood Creator in Insanity,
Lerochelle Destiny

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