.:Soul:. Censored… by Flickr.

Okay guys, I don’t rant often. I don’t complain formally often either, but this time, I think I need to, if anything to get it off my chest.

So if you don’t want to read a rant/complain/bitch-fest, don’t fully open this post.

So… apparently, and the email below confirms it, Someone reported my Flickr photos to the Flickr Staff and they saw that I made a few mistakes when uploading some images (Probably, I’ll just say I did cause it’s totally possible.) with the settings for Safe, Moderate, and Restricted. (Hey, it was pictures for my skins. Tasteful nudity. Bare butt. Side boob. Hint of a nipple maybe?) Anyway…. for whatever reason, they reviewed ALL of my pictures and have declared they should ALL be set to RESTRICTED.

Uhm. Ok. *goes and reviews the Flickr posting policy* 

As Quoted from the Generic email they sent me:

This is a message from the Flickr Abuse & Advocacy team to
let you know that we’ve changed the safety level of your
photostream to “restricted”. Having a “restricted” warning
on your account means we’ve determined there are items in
your photostream in the wrong categories.

*** If you’d like to resolve this, we ask that you please
read the following email and follow the instructions
completely before writing back for a re-review of your
account. ***

When people browse or search on Flickr, they can filter what
they want to see based on a safety level that they are
comfortable with – either Safe Search is on, set to
moderate, or off. As you upload stuff to Flickr, you need to
make sure that you’re applying appropriate filters (“safe”,
“moderate”, or “restricted”). If you don’t apply filters
correctly, there’s a very good chance another member will
let us know – in fact that’s why we’ve taken action today.


You will need to moderate your content before asking for a

1) Check out the Content Filters FAQs:

A good rule of thumb is, bare breasts and bottoms are
“moderate.” Full frontal nudity is “restricted.”

(Please note: Content that you’re sharing privately needs to
be moderated as well.)

2) Now that you’ve read up on how things should be
moderated, please see this FAQ on how to moderate your

3) After you’ve moderated your images you can request a
re-review here:

Flickr Staff
For More Information
Our Community Guidelines:

Set Safety Level Defaults:

All Privacy & Permission Settings:

Okay, so I may have forgotten to set the skin pictures to Moderate. No biggie. Right? So I’ll just go in there, select every one of my over 1,380 pictures, remove the ones that are Moderate or Restricted in nature, and set the rest to Safe….. NOPE. That feature is blocked! I cannot bulk set any of my photos to Safe, or anything below restricted.

So I can not, in fact, do as they requested by changing the safety levels of my pictures without going through them one-by-one. -_-*

Okay… so they are already all set to restricted, so I should be safe for a review. I’ve applied for a review to get this sorted.

So my peeves for this are:

  1. They set EVERY picture to restricted, even though maybe five of 100 pictures is semi nudity. (Oh you sexy castle, you!)
  2. I can’t change the settings on my pictures back to safe or moderate with bulk edit.
  3. THIS one is the BIG one! Someone.. reported me. Okay so you notice that a few of my pictures are marked as Safe even though they should be Moderate or Restricted. IM me or send me a Flickr Message! Let ME know before reporting me! I’m a derp. I admit that freely. I am human too. (Shocker, I know.) I make these kinds of mistakes. You give me a heads up, and I’ll fix it ASAP!

I see SO MANY other pictures on my Flickr stream that aren’t marked right daily. I don’t report them cause, frankly, I don’t care if I see boobs or butts or even the occasional weiner. If I cared, I’d adjust my settings and THEN nudge those people, OR I’d just stop following them.

I admit, I’ve pissed off people in my 6+ years on SL. I’ve had people mad at me very recently. There has been drama, and all sorts of .. well DRAMA that I won’t get into. But I will say this. Suddenly I am finding people are talking behind my back, they are repeating things I say to others out of context, and trying to start even more drama. I’m not saying it is directly the people I’ve had drama with, either. It could be someone close to them doing it. It could be someone that idolizes them. Who knows? Who cares?

Just stop the drama. 

I am SO over the drama. I’ve moved on. Evolve or die.

Second Life is my business. .:Soul:. is my business. Drama is NOT my business.

End Rant.

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