Birdhouses in the Sky!

Birdhouses in the sky!

I had been tossing around several ideas for the store, the place just seemed too hard to navigate, things spread too far out and just confusing for all of you to find what you wanted. I had been toying with the idea of birdhouses in a big tree, each holding a species or two of my Avies, and other accessories. This is by far not completed yet, but getting close. But as you can see, there is the original and current entrance dome of the store, the size difference is outstanding!

One of the things I try to do with each remake of my store is an evolution or degeneration of what currently is there. In this case, the big tree and house that is there now, has aged about a thousand years, and giant birdhouses now hang from it’s branches!

I would love to hear what you have to say on this build, along with the other ideas I have of the store, renaming it possibly, and the remake of a completely new logo!

Do not use. © De La Fae Productions

I think this new logo personifies what I create better than the old DLF Paw. A true mix of human and animal, beast and Soul.


Hmm. Soul. Maybe that is what I should call it, barring that there are no other stores called just that. But I am open to other suggestions for a new name for De La Fae too! (For those of you that do not know Latin, De La Fae means Of the Fae.) If you suggest a name, please make sure it encompasses and stands well for my creations and is not offensive in any way. If I like it and use your suggestion, who knows? You might just get something special for it too! Besides the recognition as the one that renamed DLF and your name up on this blog that is! XD

Send your Store name suggestions to me In-World by IMing Lerochelle destiny, or by commenting on this blog post. (Don’t forget to sign your SL name!)

To be honest, I am toying with the idea of renaming it, so don’t be surprised if I don’t! But still I would LOVE to hear what you all have to say on the build and the new logo. Comment away and YES I am still working on the new skins!

<<< Preview of the Classic makeup on the Cocoa skin tone.

I am also working on a male set at the same time, along with running my damned fool head off managing a full sim RP and other mini creations that have me going “I wonder if I can…” Leave it to me to be ADHD when it comes to building!

Still plugging on,
Lerochelle Destiny
ADHD Creator XD

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