Gatcha Get Them All @ DLF!!

Well they are here!!  Well… the one is here at least. In a GATCHA too!

The Amazon was a makeup I was just… not.. happy with. They are perfectly fine and all, nearly seamless, and if you know me at all I am a stickler for seams! But that said, there was something about this makeup that I did not like all that much, but I did not want to just… throw them out either.

So I am offering them to you in the Gatcha (gacha) machine in DLF at a VERY low price per play.

I will not make a demo of them, because the price is so low, and they are transferable, so you can pass them on instead of deleting them!

Feel free to give your extra sets to your friends, trade them around! ^^

They are NOT to be stolen or taken out of SL for ANY reason, or resold for over the Gatcha price of 100L!

Think of these as a teaser for the Mythos Collection to come!

Your friendly Neighborhood Purveyor of Insanity,

Lerochelle Destiny
De La Fae Productions

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