New Name & Soon a New Store!

Wow I have been busy busy busy the past few weeks. Part in RL getting my kid ready for school, myself prepared for the early mornings to come… @_@… Stocking up on frappes and other caffeine rich supplements!

As you can see above, the store has had a revision of it’s name. Hopefully this will not be quite the mouthful to type, would that be finger-full? Huh. Anyhoo…! out of ALL of you that view the blog… only ONE person suggested a name… and that person had never seen the blog before either!XD But this makes me wonder where all of YOU are. Why do you not comment on something? I absolutely LOVE to hear feedback on my products, I really do!

But yes, from now on the store will be called De La Soul, and I will keep the regular name up in search for a while so everyone can still find it. I have been working, or rather fighting SL, to get the Mythos skins finished and ready for pictures. Which reminds me I should probably show you a tease of the actual body of it huh?

Tease Tease SEAMLESS!

This is the Classic makeup in Cappuccino skin tone. There is NO photo-editing done here other than crop and adding the logo, strategically placed I might add!*winks*

Hair is by TRUTH, and is part of a HUGE selection of all the hair colors in one pack. Best part is, ALL of the proceeds go to UNICEF! You can get it HERE.

Ears are Plastik and if completely forget who made the piercings but I LOVE them and haven’t taken them off since I made the first Felidae!

So to sum it all up… Big changes are a coming to DLF, or I should say DLS!
1. Name change to De La Soul.
2. New Logo and signs coming out.
3. The vendor product images will NOT be changing!
4. Switching all my vendors over to a new system.
5. Tweaking the final store build, aging the current one about 1000 years, (see older posts for pics) and basically a complete redo of my entire store.

Yup. That about covers it.

Stay tuned, and keep an eye on the Twitter feed and oh.. of course Facebook!

And don’t forget about the GATCHAS!!!

As always,
Your workaholic Creator,
Lerochelle Destiny

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  1. Aire! *huggles* been wondering where you went hun! Yeah.. RL tends to get in the way of SL quite often doesn't it?Wasn't it supposed to be the OTHER way around though? LOL Ah well, glad to hear from ya!

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