Androgyny Two Update!

I have named the skin Lei…

and Lei, has a secret.. one you will have to find out later!

Re-tweaking the body a bit (the pecs bother me) and adding a bit more definition over those hips and legs, oh and the… can I say nipples on here? (oops. XD) But yeah, working on those too a bit.

I know.. I know I posted that picture earlier but I didn’t want to give it all away too soon.

*** NOTE: This skin is NOT released yet! It is a current Work-in-Progress!*** (So please stop messaging me about it? XD)

But.. since I DID post that image yesterday… here is a pretty from a storyline picture set I did.

Whispers & Regrets

Click the picture to see the full slideshow on Flickr.

Quick Info on what I am wearing:

Skin, Shape, Ears, & Eyes – Charlie Cream Nude, Personal, Elven Ears Natural (unreleased), RooMee Eyes Eclipse – De La Soul

Hair – Magika

Wings – Valentines gift from Illusions

Outfit – Trapp Hakama in grey (or did they call it silver? XD)

On Him… Dunno for sure lol

I think his wings are from illusions as well as the horns, ears are definitely Trapp as is his Hakama outfit, maybe the eyes too. Hair i think he said was Uncle Web? Tattoos and skin I am clueless on. Sorry.

Post editing done was simple cropping and adding in the smoke. God I love shadows. Thank you Firestorm!

As always.. sleepless and day-walking the labyrinths of my mind,

Lerochelle Destiny

One thought on “Androgyny Two Update!

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  1. Hair:: Drot
    Ears, Eyes, Hakama set:: Trapp
    Horns :: Nivicola Mystica Horns from Illusions
    Wings :: KZK, celestial dragon bi-pedal avi, colored the wings a darker shade of purple.
    Tattoos :: Dream INK
    Skin :: {M}Alice
    Veining on hands :: Fallen Gods
    Collar :: Open Collar
    Tentacles :: Sinful Needs
    Peircings:: PoM

    yup thats the rundown of my Avi, and I love taking pictures and I had a lot of fun during that shoot. Was glad I could be a part of it.

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