Medieval & Androgyny Two!

So.. I haven’t posted anything in a little while, but I have been UBER busy making yet another RP sim, converting the one the main store is on to a new Medieval Fantasy Roleplay sim that will be called Isle of Amras.

But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t building things too! Many things, in fact.

First up is the beginnings of a Medieval line. Starting with Infirmary furniture. I loved a lot of what I saw by other creators out there, but they were simply, too expensive or not available as copyable, sooo….

Two versions of each bed and exam table are available. Copy or transfer only.

Both are available in Transfer Only and Copy Only versions and are No Mod. They both have 6 animations + a single static pose.

Copy is 500L

Transfer is 200L

Only comes in Transfer Only option for 50L.

Again, comes as Transfer Only and is also 50L each.

Clicking the pictures will take you tot he flickr page for a better view of them and the links on where to buy!


So now.. some more good stuff. Good news perhaps for all of those fembois watching me that have been searching for a more feminine face on a male body. I have been playing and tweaking, and screwing u my brain into what amounts to curly fries to be able to bring you this preview of an as-of-yet unnamed skin line. For now, I will call it Androgyny Two!

Click for a better size.

Hair is from CiC – Audrey

Ears are De La Soul

RooMee Eyes in Eclipse

Piercings are Unreleased

Outfit is from RavenSoul – Medi

Well, lots to work on still to get the RP sim ready to play. Notecards, signage, the works, but plenty of pics in my flickr of what the sim looks like right now! If you want to check it out in person, just head over to the store and at the teleport point, fly straight up and over.

Oh and of course I want to get this Androgyny Two skinline set up and out for all of you too!

Wish me luck and bring the Caffeine!


Lerochelle Destiny

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