Olori @ The Realm of Ozryn

Just a quick post to show off my character in The Realm of Ozryn!   Meet Olori Orlylel. Albino Drider. Spent all her life in a cage and finally has found freedom in The Realm of Ozryn. Want to know more about the Roleplay on my sims? Stop by and check it out! Website SLURL... Continue Reading →

Warning! Rant Ahead!

Warning! Pissed off Rant below the break! Read At your own risk! (At least I can warn you guys, right?) Because, I only just found out TONIGHT.. someone (who I will not name and isn't even in the group) decided that they could take the scripts I worked for WEEKS trying to get working exactly... Continue Reading →

.:Soul:. Why Universal Appliers Don’t Work Well (for Skins)

***NSFW pictures & words below! You have been warned!*** I have been approached and asked many times now to create appliers for a well-known universal applier set-up. (We all know which one I’m talking about, so I won’t say.) Each time I have refused for the same reasoning, but I think that what I have... Continue Reading →

Catalina – First Look!

Just a quick update to show what I've done so far. This will be a completely new skin line, since I went and pulled an all nighter and remade the body and face and.. everything. I even have the skintones picked out already. XD I still have a LOOOOONG way to go before they will... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

  or whatever holiday you celebrate! Have fun and above all else, BE SAFE! Charlie (Lerochelle Destiny)

Love you too Flickr & FF 2013!

So, I happened to scroll down on my blog last night and found all these... pictures.. missing. The standard "Photo not found" image from Flickr replacing them. In a panic, I swapped over to Flickr thinking that they had somehow disabled my pictures or account, even though some of the newer ones still worked... but... Continue Reading →

DLS~ Lumi & Lumio Skins, and HATS

You know what's cool about De La Soul? Besides, you know, all our great stuff. We know that's cool. And we know you know it's cool. And that makes you cool. ♥ It's a circle of cool. Like the circle of life. Only nobody becomes grass for antelope at some point in it. No, what's... Continue Reading →

Wearing a little Soul

"Sometimes all you need to wear/ bare is a little Soul." Sometimes I get it in my head that I need to take pictures, just for the fun and challenge of taking them. I am so happy with how these turned out that I will be using a few for my store as banners and... Continue Reading →

Stop Censorship!

Today, Congress holds hearings on the first American Internet censorship system. This bill can pass. If it does the Internet and free speech will never be the same. Join all of us to stop this bill. ************************* Website Blocking The government can order service providers to block websites for infringing links posted by any users.... Continue Reading →

“What’s For Dinner.”

He cooks... he cleans, knows his way around a vacuum too!... He even makes everything from skins and clothing... the bad part? Yup.. I updated myself.. again. XD BTW.. I made that kitchen too! You DID notice the kitchen... right? XD Credits: Hair - Sadistic Hacker, Edgar - Black Shirt - De La Soul, Pinstripe... Continue Reading →

First Mesh!

OMG! I made my first MESH item! Sycadelic Snail! He is a small.. rainbow tripping.. snail. Made him using Sculptris and converted using MeshLab. It really is a shame the textures I made for him weren't able to be saved. If anyone has the clues on how to get them to work, drop me an... Continue Reading →

Androgyny Two Update!

I have named the skin Lei... and Lei, has a secret.. one you will have to find out later! Re-tweaking the body a bit (the pecs bother me) and adding a bit more definition over those hips and legs, oh and the... can I say nipples on here? (oops. XD) But yeah, working on those... Continue Reading →

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