Warning! Rant Ahead!

Warning! Pissed off Rant below the break! Read At your own risk! (At least I can warn you guys, right?)

Because, I only just found out TONIGHT.. someone (who I will not name and isn’t even in the group) decided that they could take the scripts I worked for WEEKS trying to get working exactly the way I wanted for the G&S items I made, and distribute them full perm under their own name….
I’m giving away the scripts for free.

Yes, I worked HARD on those scripts (I can’t script for shit) No, I didn’t write them all by hand, the LSL wiki and other full perm scripts being mashed in helped me out here and there. (This was pre-Gibbs era, remember!)

Still… Taking all my hard work and claiming it as YOUR creation? That is called STEALING.

Stealing is NOT cool.

Yeah, it’s a script that would probably take Gibbs about 30 seconds to write up for me, but -I- did all that work back then. It’s my HARD work being taken by someone else and claimed as their own. (Seriously, the script says they made it, yet the scripting is 100% identical to the one you will get in the notice.)

So yeah, I guess if you guys REALLY wanted to, you could figure out who that person is, but I’m not worried about it anymore. My rant is done, those scripts have been circulating for probably two years now… there is simply.. no point. I’m only hitting publish on this cause I took the time to write it.

~ Charlie

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