Love you too Flickr & FF 2013!

So, I happened to scroll down on my blog last night and found all these… pictures.. missing. The standard “Photo not found” image from Flickr replacing them. In a panic, I swapped over to Flickr thinking that they had somehow disabled my pictures or account, even though some of the newer ones still worked… but no. No email, no notice, all pictures accounted for… so.. WTF Flickr?


It has taken me over 24 hours to figure out that Flickr has CHANGED… yes, CHANGED… EVERY. SINGLE. LINK. to all of my older photos prior to January or so. No notice was given on this, they never told me.

Now, I have to go through and replace EVERY LINK to EVERY broken photo on my blog here. This… will take some time.  A lot of time. TONS of TIME, which is something I don’t really have but will still attempt to do. Needless to say this is something that has me furious.

I apologize for the broken photos going backward. I will attempt to fix this. However…



De La Soul is going to be in Fantasy Faire again this year, making it my FOURTH Year in a row! (It might actually be fifth, I am terrible with these things! XD)

Fantasy Faire 2013 Poster

You will be able to find me on the Crimson Fields sim this year! I will post up a teaser of my RFL items once I… actually finish them. *grins* Think… tentacles! (No not hentai, get your mind out of the gutter!)


Your busy little Soul Fairy,


(Lerochelle Destiny)


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