DLS~ ALL the Buildings!

“Silence can become a deafening roar.”

I have been silent. Quiet. Elusive, even to the point of procrastination. This does not mean that I have not been building, in fact, it means that I have built and done so much, this notice will be LONG and the releases spread out.

I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head I think I have around eight projects going at once. I need more hands, arms, heads, and eyes to be able to do what I want and most importantly… TIME. There is this game I have been forced to play, it’s called Real Life. While the graphics are amazing, the storyline is somewhat boring and I have to WORK to get anything done! Ugh.

Rambling over.


✧✠✧ Rhonogan’s Roost ✧✠✧ 1999 L
174 Land Impact
25×25 meters at the base (33×33 at the top)
Working, KOOL Ready doors
Working Lanterns included separately for your own placement (1 LI ea.)
90% MESH

This is the secondary castle style tower, just in case your main one gets ransacked, you have a place for the royal family to go and it is well fortified against intruders! With five levels plus the roof, Only two access points, one of which can be easily removed if you do not wish the build to be buried in the ground (as it should be as-is, or linked to a wall or bridge), this tower castle, or roost, is the safest and most secure building yet!


✧✠✧ Crofter’s Mill ✧✠✧ 999 L
58 Land Impact
23×19 meters
Working, KOOL Ready doors
Moving waterwheel, gears, and millstones!
90% MESH

Do you have a little babbling stream that needs a little.. something more? Are your grain fields left to rot without a place to turn that grain into flour? Let the power of water do the work for you! With rustic, wooden gears that turn the well worn millstones, and the waterwheel that turns with the current of the river, this building is sure to add charm to your sim!


✧✠✧ The Colby ✧✠✧ 799 L
91 Land Impact
33×27 meters
Working, KOOL Ready doors
2 Residential
2 Storefronts
1 Warehouse plus Storage room
90% MESH

Like all buildings of the era, whether it be modern or old, they are mashed together from several different styles and forced to work into one cohesive unit. Such as with the Colby. The two storefronts provide the space to sell your wares and the warehouse on the side both secures the location to hold, create, and store them. Plus having the ability to live above your store isn’t a bad deal either!


✧✠✧ The Barn ✧✠✧ 250 L
~Partially FURNISHED~
38 Land Impact
17×20 meters (not counting overhang)
Working, KOOL Ready doors, Loft sliding doors
Second story Loft
5 Stalls filled with hay with working doors
Interior working lantern
90% MESH

What can be said about a Barn other than what it is? It’s a Barn. It holds the animals safe and sound from weather in one handy place. I even included a ladder to get you up to the second story.


✧✠✧ The Scribe Statue ✧✠✧
2 Land Impact (Changes with size. Holds 2LI up to 5 meters tall)

Available as Copy, or NoCopy versions

She was the mother of the race whose skin shone with the purest of light. Lately, that light began to waver as those she created stopped believing, stopped honoring her, and yet, some still held on, harboring her statue in their homes. She is the light against the darkness.


Thus ends another building spree…

Stay tuned for more releases from De La Soul!

**As always, the buildings shown in the above notice can be viewed in-world at the Isle of Amras Roleplay.  to see them being used, though slightly modified to fit.

If you prefer, you can see them as you will receive them at the building holovendor, located here. **

Enjoy ALL THE THINGS from De La Soul!
Charlie (Lerochelle Destiny)

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