DLS~ 25L Tuesday – Two things!

This 25L Tuesday, I bring you, as promised,

“Two things to put your shit in!” XD

Both are 100% Original MESH!

The Chest of Stuff – 150L after Tuesday!
*Copy, Mod, NoTransfer*

With it comes the chest in three sizes along with a HUD to change the contents from Straw, Gold Coins, Silver Coins, and Empty.

KOOL Door Ready! If you have this system, you can make them lock-able and pick-able! Info is included in the instructions on this matter.

The Rustic Outhouse – 150L after Tuesday!
*Copy, NoMod, NoTransfer*

This is well… an outhouse. XD
Three animations to choose from. Sitting (Girls), Reading, and Standing (Guys).
The scroll on the side of the seat gives you a wearable scroll for the reading animation.
(Toilet paper not included.)

As always, having fun making random things for you at

De La Soul

Charlie (Lerochelle Destiny)

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