De La Soul – Fantasy Faire 2013!

Hello to one and all! Once again, the Relay for Life is upon us so that we can throw money at the American Cancer Society and collectively scream, “CANCER PLZ GO“.


So far cancer has been Ralph Pootawn and saying “no”, but we’re trying hard! (Props if you get the reference.)

And here at De La Soul, we’ve been trying very hard and neglecting food, sleep, and roleplay in the Isle of Amras sim just so that we can get everything ready for the big event. It’s worth it though, so we can bring you a brand new item to enjoy along with all !

Presenting the Ceredil Avatars and Skins! Comes in two genders: Caleb and Candace, and will be available ONLY for the duration of the Relay!



Caleb and Candace comes in six flavors for you to enjoy: Chameleon, Dust, Ember, Gold, Jade, and Pearl. These are not just skins, but nearly whole avatars you can put on and go! What comes with each?

2 Skins – Light & Dark Tattoo Styles
3 Tattoo Layers
4 Eye Sets
3 Kinds of Ears: Troll, Elf Nub, Animale Long
Alpha Layer

Also, do you use Slink Hands/Nails or Lolas Breast meshes? We have appliers for these INCLUDED, so if you use these mesh additions, you’re all set! (Guys, when Slink does the release of the updated Men’s mesh feet, the appliers will be available gratis (read FREE) in the DLS mainstore.)

Unfortunately, you will have to supply your own hair. The hair shown is from Wasabi Pills, Teeloh variety.


Do you want another color? Are you looking at these and think, “I could go for something more purple”? We got you covered.

Head down to the auctions, where you can find, for the Faire and only the Faire, one of a kind, never to be released again, super special super magnificent variety that is “Violent”! Comes in both Male and Female varieties, (sold separately), and if you get them, not only are you helping to stomp out cancer even more, but you can brag to all your friends that not only does your new avatar look awesome, but it’s something that is uniquely yours and yours alone.

And they can’t have it.

Nya nya nya nya NYA nya~

And you can skip off while wiggling your purple butt at them.

And how often can you say you got to wiggle a purple butt at people.

Not too often I bet.

So come on down and snatch this chance while it lasts!

(LM will be sent out once the Auction is set up and running!)


Also this year we have brought back the last two years relay items for you to have another chance to grab, all in the name of stamping out cancer!

2012’s Beax and Beatrice IKON in all your favorite colors ~ 350L each

and the Deamons in Violent~ 1000L each

So now that you are all hyped up like a Pomeranian that got a whiff the bacon bits… and are asking yourself,

I won’t tell you.


Okay, I will.

Fantasy Faire, Crimson Fields sim
Fantasy Faire Auction – COMING SOON!
De La Soul Mainstore 
Isle of Amras Roleplay Mall & HUB


*Written for Charlie, who is now sleeping off the effects of working so hard, by Rys.*

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