DLS~ Kno’hr Horns & Mouth

I am feeling a bit… toothy after finally getting things released for Fantasy Faire and decided it was about time I showed it.

I admit that a lot of my creations come about because I am inspired either by art, or a  game/movie/song, or just with my own mind piecing shit together to make another character, or just a character idea.

As such, Meet Kno’hr (Nor), my Demon character with a hint of dragon style to him and a whole lot of Ceredil.

Kno’hr being all spooky

I play him in the Isle of Amras Roleplay (Yes, shameless plug further down.) and he has some rather… unique properties. Like his grin. Really opens his face up, wouldn’t you think?

Once I made the mouth and horns/teeth combo, I realized, huh… maybe you guys would like it too. So, I scripted it, made a female sized version of it, and…


The DLS~ Kno’hr Horns are released!


They work on most skins too! The tattoo and horns are Mod, so you can tint as you need, here it is shown without any tinting on a fairly dark skin, and of course the Ceredil Ember with light markings.

Now, onto the plugs on the first two pictures!

Hair~ Wasabi Pills – Erik in Candy

Eyes~ Gauze – Sin Eyes – Wrath

Horns~ Europa – Lokyli Horns (He is also wearing the Khor feet in Red which match pretty well, you just can’t see it.)

Ears, Skin, Shape~ De La Soul – Ceredil Caleb in Ember

Location~ Isle of Amras Roleplay

Above a lone island called Amras, rifts that reach beyond space and time tear the sky asunder at a moment’s notice, bringing in those who had, have been, or will live from their location to a whole new one. Confused and dazed, they are dropped into a story rife with evil that lurks in the shadows, a political web of deceit, hope, fear, jealousy, love..and a world that would soon make this tiny, insignificant island the center of its universe.

Family members vie for the throne on the mainland that the Queen should rightfully sit upon, whilst ruling lords threaten war from afar. Hushed whispers question whether the young Queen is nothing more than a puppet whose strings quiver under the delicate touch of one held close to her side.

All the while, creatures from untold worlds are arriving through the portals and unsuspecting humans arrive from the mainland to find that the fantastical and surreal exist..and can kill you.

Welcome to the Isle of Amras, where everything lost is found…
Including you.

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