Wearing a little Soul

“Sometimes all you need to wear/ bare is a little Soul.”

Sometimes I get it in my head that I need to take pictures, just for the fun and challenge of taking them. I am so happy with how these turned out that I will be using a few for my store as banners and signs. Sometime in the middle of taking these and crashing, all four times, being ruthed when coming back only to crash again, it occurred to me that one, I was taking these nude, I should feel a little embarrassed… shouldn’t I?

There is something about the anonymity of Second Life that, after a while at least, washes away most of the constraints you put on yourself. The way you see yourself changes. I am still finding out who I really am, as most people are, but I am one of the ones that is more conscious of it. While others may know exactly who they are and what they want already, my tastes keep changing. I guess that is why my avatar keeps changing too.

It is a quest for beauty, inner to reflect the outer, and a quest for art. Face it. Humans are vain creatures. Look at the magazines for the proof. We have heard it before. Sex sells.

However there is one thing we must keep in mind as well. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. What is beautiful to one person may not be to the next. Anyway… thanks for reading my little philosophy rant and enjoy the pictures! I can’t post the full nudes on here of course, but you are welcome to see them on my Flickr.

Info about what I am wearing will be at the bottom.

Grrr... looks angry!


Skin: De La Soul – Beaux – Dragon 2012 in Barley

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Orion Male Mesh Hair in Iceberg

Feet: SLink – Jolie Pied Barefeet V3 Low

Eyes: De La Soul – Luminis Eyes in Lanus

Jewelery: De La Soul – Glaive full set including, Headdress, Ears, Lip piercings, Choker, Armbands, Wrist Bangles, Nipple Piercings, Belly Piercing, Ankle Bangles, Tail Piercing, Tail band, and Tail. (UNRELEASED!)

Alchemy Immortalis – John Jacob Courtesan Ring (Right hand)

L&B – Sugar Skull Ring in Silver & Peridot.

The other ring is my Engagement ring I made for my partner and I. (UNRELEASED)

Mask : Illusions – Civetta Venetzia

Shape is my own.

Silks: SSK – Zorra Silks – White Royal. Wearing just the loincloth, it comes with a lot more!

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