DLS & SSK 25L Calanthe & Glaive

It’s Tuesday again! Albeit a bit late, but still Tuesday and you know what that means!

25L Tuesday is here!!!

Today, and possibly tomorrow since I send notices out late XD, there are two items in multiple colors up for grabs.


Ayd has joined me again and set up FIVE colors of his Calanthe Silks. I love the feathers on these and that they work for either more formal wear, or every day.

Oh and did I mention you get BOTH Male and Female in the pack?


I kept things fairly simple, if multitudes of rings around the wrists, arms, and ankles is simple! LOL

The Glaive Special Edition Bangles set is only 25L for now. Better hurry and grab them up because after the event is over, the price is going up!

They also match the Glaive Chokers I released two weeks ago too!

These are Special Edition sets of a future full release, so if you like them, keep your eyes peeled!

De La Soul LM


Beaux & Beatrice S.E. Skins – 2012 Dragon
Made specially for the New Year, New You Hunt!
TWO Skintones to choose from, Barley & Frappe.

More info on the Hunt below!

SSK – Zorra Silks – 200L
Available in either Black or White Leather.

Male & Female Prim Tops,
Loincloth with fur trim,
Underwear layer for a bit more coverage.
Overall 24 color combinations to choose from!

SSK – Calanthe Silks – 150L
(Picture Above)

Full Prim Male and Female Tops,
Leg & Armbands,
Underwear layer for those that wish a little more privacy.



New Year, New You Hunt

Four items are set out for 100L each, the Beaux & Beatrice 2012 Dragon Skins in two skintones, along with TWO hunt items, one for the guys and one for the gals.
NOTE: BOTH my hunt items are Unisex so grab them both!

The Medieval Fantasy Hunt…
is over, however I still have the item out, sitting on top of the information board at the landing point! Its a FULL outfit, including shoes for both Women AND Men!
De La Soul LM

Do you Blog? Would you like to feature one or more of these items, or other ones in the store? Send us a note card with the following information:

Account Name.
Blog Name and web address.
The items you would like to blog, be specific, including colors if applicable.

Please note, you may not get everything on your list, probably one or two items at first to see how things go, but we LOVE to see what you do with our items!

Send your note cards to either Lerochelle Destiny or Aydryan Underwood.

Thanks for reading this rather LONG post!

DLS & SSK Staff

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