GatchaFlats, Roos, & Pipes

I have been making a LOT of random stuff lately! (not to mention a full RP sim! XD) I over work myself. I know this. Ayd tells me this. Deo tells me this. I just.. get something in my head and HAVE to… DO IIIIT! Compulsive? Me? Nah! LOL

Anyway, I am rambling. I am not in the mindset to really go into full detail on all of these releases. PICTURE TIME!

I GATCHA Flats right here!

Gatcha Flat shoes. I got carried away with making the textures for them. I admit it. LOL

40L a pop in the Gatcha machines in the Main Store, or 400L for each FatPack!

FatPacks are Copy/Mod, Gatchas are of course, Mod/Transfer.

Dots Collection

LoveFlowers Collection

Grunge Collection

Stripes Collection

Camo Collection

TWO New Pipes! – 199L

Both are HUD controlled for texture and attach to the mouths.

MEEROO Habitat – Underwood Collection – 299L

I have one set up at my store, and soon plan to have some nests and Roos for sale there too!

HUD texture changeable from the edge, the base, and even the ground!

And, cause I can… XD Here is a aerial view of the sim and what I have done. If you want to check it out for yourself, just head on over to the main store and fly out the skylight!

Okay… it was a LONG.. LONG Post… Sorry about that. But lots of good stuff was released and I think for once I am getting through all those oddities and goodies that I make and never put up for you guys!

Still working on the Lei skins.. of course.. and the secret he has… get your minds out of the gutters, that isn’t it! *Waggle brows*

Now I need to go give my pillow head.

Crazy as always,

Lerochelle Destiny

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