De La Soul – Gemini Project

Wow.. ok I totally SPACED this and I don’t know how I did it either!

Lei.. and his secret… is out!
Turns out he has an Identical TWIN SISTER!… huh… who would have guessed? XD

So here you have, finally, the Gemini project. Lei and Kei.

And they come in 7 Skintones!!

❖ And… no makeups or beards on the skins! WHAT!?!? WHY?!?!

Well… LOL because I have started up doing Makeup & Beard tattoo layers!

OMG you say? Really?

❖ Okay… Sure they look good.. but WHAT do you get?

Well…………………. *pauses* There is too much to say here, even in a blog post. I have the note cards with the lists in them included in the Demo packs, and in the notice sent to the groups.

❖ OKay. So how much is this going to set me back?

DEMOS are FREE in-world. 1L on the marketplace for giftability. YES! You do get to demo the beards and makeups!

Depends on what you want with it. Right now, they are PROMO PRICED at
799L for a single skintone pack of Lei,
899L for Kei.
199L Each makeup or Beard pack. (Except for Stubble since you only get one color and it is also included with the Lei packs. Stubble is 99L XD)

I designed these skins to be as versitile as possible, allowing you, the buyer and the one wearing them the ability to make them as unique as you possibly can. Use the skin tint layer, use part of one makeup with another. Mix and match the tattoos and layers! (provided you are on a V2 compatible client). Use them in RP with another person as your identical twin!
And most importantly…

Have fun with it!

Lei Demos

Kei Demos

Makeup Demos

Beards Demos

Keeping this short and sweet, or trying to,
Lerochelle Destiny (btw my Display name changed to Poppy!)
De La Soul

After rereading this, I realize I have rambled more than usual, gotten extremely goofy beyond belief. I apologize for that if it offends you in any way and can only offer the excuse of too much pain meds and not enough sleep!

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