De La Soul Deamon SPAM!

Cause it tastes Delicious!

Just kidding. Not spam though now I am hungry. >.>

I got one of those wild hairs up my butt again. I admit it, those darn things are rather annoying but they come with some added side effects.

Like Horns, tails, hooves, and… WIRES?!?!

After working on this for nearly every day, all day and nights, for over a week, I am exceedingly happy to announce the arrival of add-on pack(s) that match the Deamons perfectly, along with nearly any other skin you may wish to use!

The Digital Deamons have arrived!

Don’t be fooled by all the female pics, all pieces are completely unisex and if they aren’t, there is a Male version included!

And yes, they do GLOW and the light textures are animated!

Now here comes the fun part.

The Digital Deamon set is sold as a Complete Set or in pieces, each piece comes with an identical SOUL HUD that works with ALL of this set as one!

15 textures are available on the armor for you to pick from with other HUDs being offered up soon to add on to that as well!

AND! All parts are fully TINTABLE via the HUD! That way you can match your favorite skin you have already perfectly! Pictures are a little small but you can click them to get a bigger size.

Links to the items on the marketplace are right below the pics.

The pieces you can get are:

Digital Deamon Complete Set


Digital Deamon Back Tri-Vent

199L Male & Female Included.

Digital Deamon Cuff

199L Male & Female Included.

Digital Deamon Horns Appolyon


Digital Deamon  Legs

399L Includes Stockings & Alpha.

Digital Deamon Shoulder

299L Male & Female Included.

Digital Deamon Tail

299L Matches all Deamon Skins & is Tintable!

Digital Deamon  Outfit

399L Includes Male & Female sets, tattoo with and without eyeshadow, and nippletape undershirt.

The tattoo is also tintable so you can make it match your colors as well!


Everything is done via the SOUL HUD and full instructions are included and also shown here on my website as well.

You also get free updates, for LIFE!

OKay, long post over. Just to prove that they don’t just go with the deamon avi’s…

Even without all the pieces it looks good!

As always,
Pulling wild hairs,
Lerochelle Destiny

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