Bad Build News…

I was staring at the birdhouse build today and I realized something. That even though it is a gorgeous build and all… there was barely any room for all of my stuff… much less expansion with new products. So.. with a heavy heart, I scrap that build for my store and start looking at those others around me. I want to figure out what makes these other stores “work” building wise and hopefully, with a little time, I will figure out a build that will still reflect my personality and yet be functional as well. I do have a few ideas for builds that are a bit more.. modern than the ruins.

Don’t worry, those of you that love the tree. That is one part of my buildings that I refuse to give up. The tree in the center represents quite a bit for me personally. Seeing it reminds me to stay grounded, and yet to reach as high and as far as I can for myself, and others.

But perhaps it is time to start over, cut the tree and let it grow again anew…

I would like to thank all of those that helped me immensely on the Mythos skins, giving me their feedback and opinions along with the occasional tip or trick!

Time to break out the graph paper and get to drawing and planning. I will keep you all posted!

Your Busy Creative Soulster,
Lerochelle Destiny

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