The Idea. The Plan.

How do I start this post off? It’s tricky I think.

I was asked if I would be willing to undergo a new skin, a decidedly Androgynous Skin and if any of you know me, I took that idea, and it just grew, and grew, and grew. Then I ran with it. Or am I still running? No, I need to stop, take a breath, and explain. Think these things through. PLAN SHIT OUT!

That said… I think I am ready to begin a very LARGE (see huge, possibly impossible, and extraordinary) endeavor.

The Idea:

To blur, as completely as possible, the lines of sexuality. What does it mean to be male? To be female? Where is THAT LINE.. exactly? Can I find it? Can I create a line of skins that mold together so well, that you can literally SEE the progression of female to male, and male to female? Can I manage with this line to give YOU the customer, the skin wearers, and skin whores; the transsexuals, transgendered, androgynous, muscled men, and curvy women; exactly what you want? (or as close as you can get in SL?)

I think I can.

The Plan:

What I am going to attempt to create, is a line of SIX (6) skin sets.

Female – Female bodies and a feminine face. I am not sure if I will be using the Mythos Females for this, or making another set completely as I have altered the face since then considerably. Who knows? I might have a line of six skins instead! (Makeup, Cleavage, Freckles, and Blush options are very possible with this line as before.)

Female/Tomboys – Tomboyish faces on female bodies. The girl next door, still beautiful and feminine in face and body, a little less curvy perhaps than the Mythos line, but still female. (Makeup, Cleavage, Freckles, and Blush options are very possible with this line as well.)

Female Androgynous – Definitely female faces on the Androgynous male bodies. (Makeup, Freckles, Blush, and light happy trail options possible with this line.) Still not sure about this one yet, it might get tossed out, might not.

Male Androgynous – I have already created this line, surprise surprise! I have a few pictures of my current avatar up on Flickr right now. Soft, male bodies. Slim, but with feminine faces. (Makeup, Freckles, Blush, and possibly light beards and happy trail options possible with this line.)

Tokio Androgyny

Lean Males – Definitely Male, but not as muscled as most skins you see out on the grid. They still have the musculature of a male body, the face is still slightly feminized, but very distinctively masculine in shape and texture. (Freckles, happy trails, stubble and beard options possible with this line.)

Muscled Males – Much like the ones you see elsewhere on the grid, and the PLAGUE Male skins, these would be the final evolution to male from female. Ab muscles, thicker and more muscled bodies, these would have the chest hair and beards as well. Most likely no makeup for these guys either. ( Happy Trails, Stubble, Beards, and body hair options would be in this line I think.)

So there it is. The very fuzzy line of Blurred Sexuality.

I am still not sure that I can complete this rather HUGE undertaking. I know I won’t be able to release a ton of skins right away. I would love to, but I know my own limits (as well as SL’s), even if I do push them at every turn! 😛

These skins are still very far away from completion! Some of those skins may not ever be completed in full and released. This is still in the planning/tweaking/seeing what I can and cannot do, what does and does not work stage.

It’s and Idea, It’s a Plan for the future. Hopes and inspirations are gained from those close to me, and from new faces, those that I do not know but get to know by what they like, want, and aspire to do and be.

This is what happens when you give me feedback, comment on my posts, or mention ideas of things you would like to see me create.

This is what I do. I want to find YOUR Inner Soul.

Lerochelle Destiny
of De La Soul

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