The Labor is Over!

Originally uploaded by Lerochelle Destiny

After a few long hours of labor, sweating, grunting, and pushing prims about… Okay I gotta stop talking like that! *shudders*

The new store is fully open! Come on by and see the wonderful organization I have done along with the repackaging, and new vendor system I have up as well!

Pretty soon I will be able to have the store cards up as well.

You can buy any of my items as a gift now and it will be automatically sent to the recipient. Just CLICK the vendor and choose buy as gift!

I have also made a very big change in the way the Anthros are set up. You now get both the Male AND Female in the pack. Anyone that has previously bought a set from me that wants it’s alternate sex, please IM me and I will send you the complete set. No charge. Best part is… the price isn’t changing! Still only 2000L for BOTH sexes!

Now I need sleep. Let me know if any vendors are not working, just drop me a line in-world!

Nighty Night,
Lerochelle Destiny

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