DLS~ New Releases Valiant Tunics & Helm Displays!

Things have been quiet in De La Soul…. too quiet…

but that’s just because I have been working hard on so many things! (I’m not as organized as I seem.)

Two new releases for you this week PLUS both are in the 25L Tuesday Event!

❖❖❖ Valiant Helm Displays ❖❖❖
►25L each until Aug. 1st! Afterward, 150L!◄

To showcase the coming Valiant Armor set, that will match and work with the following Tunics, I have created these Helmet Displays. Show them off in your home, on the hearth or in your market armor stall.

Available in Silver, DirtySteel, and Bronze and includes versions with and without the face visor. At a relatively low land impact of 13-14 each!


❖❖❖ Valiant Tunics ❖❖❖
►250L each color, 1700L MegaPack◄

There is so much put into these tunics, you may feel a bit swamped when you originally open the box!

~Prim Parts~
Tunic Bottom (Skirt&Belt) With and without Chainmail.
Capelet with accents in Silver, Bronze, & Dirty Steel.

OverTunic (Jacket Layer Only.)
Chainmail in Bronze, Silver, & DirtySteel (Underwear Layers only.)

Also includes a Chainmail HUD to change the texture of the chainmail on the Tunic Bottom to match the underwear layers!

MegaPack includes all the clothing pieces in the various colors, but only ONE set of HUD driven, texture change Prim Clothing pieces. This saves your inventory from the dreaded CLUTTER!

Two colors are not included in the MegaPack and are 25L until Aug. 1st! Afterward, same price as the rest!

I am hoping to be able to finish the Armor sets soon, along with getting the petite versions done as well! If anyone knows of, or is, an animation creator and would like to help me out on this, I would greatly appreciate it!


Enjoy this week’s releases, and be sure to explore the rest of the sim, The Isle of Amras Roleplay, accessible via the hole in the ceiling or by taking the teleport below to see the other creations I have been working on while being so very, very silent!

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