DLS~I have… Been Meshing Around!

Ok.. so I haven’t been putting up any new releases lately, but that doesn’t mean I have fallen off the grid! Not all to you good sir! Not at all!

I.. have been learning the dreaded MESH. Yup that new fangled thing here in SL that has caught our second lives in a tornado or whatever you call it.

(Pardon me while I have a brain fart)

Anyhoo… I thought I should show you all what I have been up to, and that is… upgrading my roleplay sim to MESH. >:] It’s good practice really, though I haven’t QUITE gotten organic forms down in blender yet and do not own Zbrush. *Dreams of if he did.* I…I’m sorry wha? Oh right! Onto the pictures!

I worked really hard on this build for the sim over the course of several days of building mesh pieces from scratch. There are other creator’s things in here too, and I feel that this part of the sim is the best remake yet!

If you want to stop by and just look at the build, you can go through this SLURL. Which will drop you off right in front of the gates.

Feel free to explore and if you get interested in RPing in Isle of Amras, head on up to the Info HUB, Here.

There is actually very little of this build that I did that is not mesh! @_@ and it isn’t done yet!


I am still creating for it along with planning on releasing the pieces, most likely in a huge set to the public as well as the Medieval Banners I created set up with a PSD so that you can add your own Sigils to them!

The GoT themed one was just for fun and won’t be available for purchase!

I also have an armor uniform outfit to finish polishing for you guys too, so Stay Tuned!

Charlie (Lerochelle Destiny)

De La Soul

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