Revamping the Blog

I am currently revamping the blog and playing with new features. Hold onto your fur! Changes are on the way!

De La Fae is Being SKINNED!

WOW! Time flies when RL grabs you! I'm sorry I haven't released anything in a while but I have been working hard on something completely new for me... and for De La Fae!Still working on the makeups... yes.. MAKEUPS.Have you guessed it yet?Yup... Hooman, Human.. skins! I plan on releasing them with MANY options. Cleavage,... Continue Reading →

Fatasy Faire 2010 ~ Why I Relay.

The time has come for the 2010 Fantasy Faire. This is a nine sim sponsored event that houses creators from all over the grid, all coming together for one reason. To relay for the American Cancer Society.Cancer is something that touches all of us in some way or another. No one is devoid of contact... Continue Reading →

Reborn Teaser!

Finally... they are about to be reborn!Still working hard to get all the Aqua sets done for you.. please be patient, but here is the teaser!!!

Felidae Rancher???? Yessiree!

Have you ever seen a Felidae Elven Rancher? Now you have!That is the final cut for the females! Males are being tweaked a bit more, but the release is gonna be SOON!!!Oh oh oh!!! AND!!! The eyes shown are going into the new bundles too! Exclusively made for the De La Fae Felidae line by... Continue Reading →

Secret Comparisons…?

Input time! Below are two pictures. On one side, is the original Felidae Skin, Male and Female respectively.I want YOUR Input!! Either comment on the blog here, OR you can do the note card thing in the mailbox in the store. Do NOT send them to me! Half the time I don't receive them due... Continue Reading →

Comments Encouraged!!

I LOVE hearing what you all have to say about my products! So, if you feel like commenting on any of the posts on the blog (like the one below for example) Comment away!! I should have some more pictures coming soon of the Felidaes... But I think I will only release those pics to... Continue Reading →

Felidae Elvens, UPDATE!

The Felidaes are being remade. The plan is as follows: The Blue sets will be released first. Then, a week later, in alphabetical order, the other colors will be released.Please keep the original body bag for your avatar, This will allow you to receive the updated skin automatically. If by chance you deleted it, please... Continue Reading →

OH YEAH! and we MOVED!!! LM Below!About uhmmm three days before the template issue was brought to me, I had finished moving the store to the new sim. The good comes with the bad it seems. So be sure to pick up the new LM at the bottom!If you don't, don't panic if you find... Continue Reading →

Felidae Elvens, Being Remade.

Felidae Elvens skins.... I had to discontinue them while I remake them because of a texture issue. I will be sending out updates (free of course) to all those that bought already from me but at this time I cannot in good faith sell them, now knowing that they contain copyrighted textures. So bear with... Continue Reading →

Felidae Elvens, No Longer Naked!

Uhmm.. You know that clothing you all keep asking me for?It's out. *grins*Male and Female sets, each 450$LYou get:ArmbandsLegbandsLoinclothChest Piece (Bra like for women, cloakish for the guys)Please note, these sets may not fit every shape, and you may have to make your shape fit them a bit. (Unless you are using the Felidae Elvens... Continue Reading →

Felidae Elvens have ARRIVED!!

Okies. Here we go!Anyone of you that bought the Nav'itar. Please REZ your packaging to receive the updated and (hopefully) copyright compliant version!Should be easy as rezzing them on the ground and a new one will be sent to you. If this fails, Take it back into your inventory and wait about ten minutes. The... Continue Reading →

Terra Flora Teaser

Hair is by MIRROR and comes with the mic set attached. Outfit is called Renegade on XstreetLoincloth is a re-texture that I did. Many more to come too!Piercing is at MIRROR as wellIf you guys ever wondered where I do my magick... or just pull my hair out as I go cross-eyed... That is it.... Continue Reading →

Nav’itars are now on sale!!

Straight out of the bag this is ready to wear, and includes....SkinShapeEyes (and prim parts too)Ears (Pierced and Unpierced)Tails (Laced and unlaced)AND...Hair with corresponding headdress.LoinclothChest Bra (Female)Chest Cloak (Male)Leg and ArmbandsTeethClothing layer clothes for the women too!(for you Emerald viewers that don't want to see your breasts bouncing out of your bras! LOL!)((**The Na'vi and... Continue Reading →

De La Fae Clothes the Grid!

I have been playing with clothing for a while, looking around at what was there, what was popular, and what wasn't. The one thing I do notice is an extreme lack of good men's clothing. I will be working on that as well.Eight colors are up for grabs now in the store, also available in... Continue Reading →


You got your teaser earlier in the week and not this is the REAL THING!I just set up all SIX.. that's right SIX beginning colors of Fauns, (dubbed Faunus) in the main store!Midnight Faunus - Dark, almost black as the night sky on a cloudless night and dashed with stars. The antlers seem to shimer... Continue Reading →

New Race Being Forged ~TEASER!~

OK.. I'm in a teasing mood! Here is a glimpse of a new species/race that will soon be available in De La Fae... in MANY different colors too!First ones to be released will most likely be the Elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.Here you can see Fire and water posing together! I just love the... Continue Reading →


I forgot to post in here for a LOoooong.. time! Sowwies!Ok Ketchup catsup catchup time!Vampire Lover's BackpackJust because you love them doesn't mean you can't be safe too!Pink Bubblegum Star KittyCause you can't have too much bubblegum!Star Kitties!BlueMonochromeRainbowMint Choc Ice Cream???Yeah dunno what I was thinking here... XDSiamese Kitties!I love Siamese, had the song from... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Faire Kickoff!

Well I made it!The first annual Relay for Life Fantasy Faire opens today! Be sure to stop by the Neko Sim to find my store along with many many others!Just click here (if your logged in of course) or search for Fantasy Faire.Here is a glimpse at the Bundles I made just for the Relay... Continue Reading →

Top things that bug me and.. ooohh! Teaser!!

Ok, I feel I need to clarify a few things here. Most common questions and such.I will go in order of from least bugging thing to the one thing that bugs me the most.Q.3. "I want to copy the hair in the bundle picture, can you send it to me or tell me where to... Continue Reading →

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