PLAGUE Hits De La Soul!

News Flash!! This just in…

There have been reports of a mysterious PLAGUE that has arisen from inside De La Soul! Though not often deadly, those that contract this baffling affliction begin to grow patches of nearly luminescent skin on their chests, backs, face, and extremities in varying shades of greens, purples, and blues. Other reports have stated that some skin tones even change completely, from either Snow white, to black as Night itself.

Doctors are still completely confused as to why this transforming PLAGUE has suddenly cropped up now, just days before Halloween. The one thing that has been able to be determined is that the source of this hauntingly beautiful changing PLAGUE is De La Soul itself. Perhaps the owner of this store is the first to contract this stunning change, our sources say so.

We have been able to take a few pictures of victims of this biological attack…

There are more photos up on the web at…


More news at ten…. now back you your regularly scheduled programming.


Yes I am a little goofy, but this is the first release of the Mythos Homme skins. My first human Male skins… evar!

They aren’t all that pricy either! You get ONE skin, and shape, along with the eyebrow shaper in each pack for 300L, or 1600L for all of the skins in the Megapack. That’s buy five get one free, but only available in the Megapack form.

Demos of the skins are up as well for your viewing pleasure!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!
Muahahaha- *Hack… Cough… Choke…. Gasp…. THUD*

Lerochelle Destiny
Taxi to De La Soul

More Teasers!

Gawd I am such a TEASE!! I know!

Okay, Been tweaking and teasing these skins left and right, trying to make them absolutely PERFECT for YOU! A quick teaser pic, but if you want to see more, check the FLICKR page!

Working on several options for these skins, possibly too many to release right away, but they include:

Pubic hair
Happy Trails
Hair Bases (possibly)
And ALL of those (including the eyebrows!) in different hair colors!

Mythos Gods Milk, Fixed

I know… I am insane!

Insanity has it’s own virtues,
Lerochelle Destiny

Progress Report! (Mythos Gods)

Decided that Androgynous was just not going to happen right now.  Something kept pushing me to make a more… defined body type. But what can you do when the muse grabs you? I DO plan on making Androgynous skins in the future though!

Okay, been working on these skins for over 150 hours. (Yes I did time myself on 14-18 hours days)
Am I insane? Maybe. Yes. Alright I am!

Is it worth it?

You tell me.
Quick renders of a few of the faces a few days ago with the skin applied to the OBJ mesh of my male shape. (I ❤ Adobe CS5!)

I have made several tweaks and adjustments to these skins already since i took the pictures and hopefully will have better ones soon, along with a body shot!

Broadcasting LIVE from your friendly, neighborhood Creator in Insanity,
Lerochelle Destiny

Male Andro Cream Body Shot

Been working like crazy on the male skin sets. Gotta get the body done first so the face in this picture is a bit.. bleh and waaaay feminine. (But it is a good start!) Though I do plan on the skin set being somewhat Androgynous. Chest tweaking still needed along with a few minor things on the body.. then the face!

Sleepless in SL,
Lerochelle Destiny

The Labor is Over!

Originally uploaded by Lerochelle Destiny

After a few long hours of labor, sweating, grunting, and pushing prims about… Okay I gotta stop talking like that! *shudders*

The new store is fully open! Come on by and see the wonderful organization I have done along with the repackaging, and new vendor system I have up as well!

Pretty soon I will be able to have the store cards up as well.

You can buy any of my items as a gift now and it will be automatically sent to the recipient. Just CLICK the vendor and choose buy as gift!

I have also made a very big change in the way the Anthros are set up. You now get both the Male AND Female in the pack. Anyone that has previously bought a set from me that wants it’s alternate sex, please IM me and I will send you the complete set. No charge. Best part is… the price isn’t changing! Still only 2000L for BOTH sexes!

Now I need sleep. Let me know if any vendors are not working, just drop me a line in-world!

Nighty Night,
Lerochelle Destiny

Rebirth… Renewal… Rejuvination…


Okay so I spent the past few days working endlessly on my new store build and it is finally completed and ready to be brought down among the rest of the living! So for a while… say the next few hours or so.. the store area will be.. empty. Or I will be bringing things down piece by piece.


I think once this is done the store is VERY much more organized and customer friendly, along with more modern.

I cut the great tree down and a sapling has already sprouted in it’s place.

If you want a quick peek feel free to stop on by but as always wear your hard hats! I will give the All clear here on the blog and to the group once I am done!

Bad Build News…

I was staring at the birdhouse build today and I realized something. That even though it is a gorgeous build and all… there was barely any room for all of my stuff… much less expansion with new products. So.. with a heavy heart, I scrap that build for my store and start looking at those others around me. I want to figure out what makes these other stores “work” building wise and hopefully, with a little time, I will figure out a build that will still reflect my personality and yet be functional as well. I do have a few ideas for builds that are a bit more.. modern than the ruins.

Don’t worry, those of you that love the tree. That is one part of my buildings that I refuse to give up. The tree in the center represents quite a bit for me personally. Seeing it reminds me to stay grounded, and yet to reach as high and as far as I can for myself, and others.

But perhaps it is time to start over, cut the tree and let it grow again anew…

I would like to thank all of those that helped me immensely on the Mythos skins, giving me their feedback and opinions along with the occasional tip or trick!

Time to break out the graph paper and get to drawing and planning. I will keep you all posted!

Your Busy Creative Soulster,
Lerochelle Destiny