Felidae Elvens, No Longer Naked!

Uhmm.. You know that clothing you all keep asking me for?

It’s out. *grins*

Male and Female sets, each 450$L
You get:
Chest Piece (Bra like for women, cloakish for the guys)

Please note, these sets may not fit every shape, and you may have to make your shape fit them a bit. (Unless you are using the Felidae Elvens Shape)

Five colors… well six but I will get to the sixth in a second.

Aqua (Blue), Atra (Black/ Dark Grey), Flamma (Red), Flora (Green), Frendo (Purple), and Terra (Tan).

Hair is also out as well, though most of you prolly knew that. XD And are 250$L each. By the way… both are UNISEX and will fit the shape provided in with the skins right away!

Hair is located across from the Aqua sets on the wall. Demos of them are available for free as well.

ALL my prim products are resize scripted AND MOD COPY!

Okay… onto the secret… not so secret anymore color!

These are ONLY available in the lucky branch on the first tier of the tree. Works just like a lucky chair, cause it is, just modded it to be a branch!

I THINK (actually I KNOW) I will have to put out a few more lucky branches to cover the influx of people wanting the free set… so I am gonna get to that now then get some sleep. I am an insomniac now thanks to all of you! *winks*

Lerochelle ^^

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