Felidae Elvens, Being Remade.

Felidae Elvens skins…. I had to discontinue them while I remake them because of a texture issue. I will be sending out updates (free of course) to all those that bought already from me but at this time I cannot in good faith sell them, now knowing that they contain copyrighted textures. So bear with me please, everyone and thank you so much for your support in this matter.

As soon as I heard what I was accused of I took the sets down, all my vendors. I was not IMed or contacted first by Ivy, but I did take action before I was asked. I went through the PSDs and I think I have found the textures in question, Let this be a lesson not to buy templates off the web! And so they will be removed and the skins remade. I really do try to be an honest person and since I had been botted already (several times) and reported them, I understand Ivy’s side of this as well.

Unfortunately this remake may take several weeks. HOWEVER! I do hope that these will be better than the previous version and they will live up to the De La Fae standards of quality. (However besmirched they may be at this point.)

Thank you again for your support, but right now what I need is time to relax a bit, then I can tackle these skins with gusto.

~Lerochelle Destiny
De La Fae Productions

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