You got your teaser earlier in the week and not this is the REAL THING!

I just set up all SIX.. that’s right SIX beginning colors of Fauns, (dubbed Faunus) in the main store!

Midnight Faunus – Dark, almost black as the night sky on a cloudless night and dashed with stars. The antlers seem to shimer as if under the full moon’s light.

Plant Faunus – Vivid green, reminding you of the first budding leaves of spring. Topped off with almost jewel toned light emerald antlers.

Earth Faunus – Deep rich browns, bring the natural and usually dull brown of a normal faun to life. The antlers have coppery gold highlights, sure to catch the eyes of those wanting a more “Natural” faun.

Winter Faun – Winter skies, that crisp pale blue that you see right after fresh fallen snow. The antlers are frosted, as if the snow had freshly fallen during a long walk outside.

Fire Faunus – The first of the set that I made. Vibrant red, even the fur layer seems jewel toned!

Water Faunus – Deep blue of the ocean depths make this Faun one not to miss!

There are more colors to come too! I still need to do the Air (yellow), along with the other seasons. (Spring, Fall, and Summer)

Enjoy frolicking through the woods!

They will soon be up on X Street and APez, along with my vendor outlets in-world!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention… they are 1,500L and you get BOTH male and female included in the set!

Details on the accesories shown are on the blog.

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