De La Fae Clothes the Grid!

I have been playing with clothing for a while, looking around at what was there, what was popular, and what wasn’t. The one thing I do notice is an extreme lack of good men’s clothing. I will be working on that as well.

Eight colors are up for grabs now in the store, also available in two compilation packs, Naturals and Vivids.

350L each or save on the compilation packs!

They come with the Jacket layer corset, Shirt layer laced back tank, gloves, and Pants. Pants and shirt are mod-able so if you don’t want the gloves just shorten the sleeves on the tank. Or is you want to wear high boots, shorten the pants.. easy and it all works with other outfits you may already have!

I am also working on furniture, getting several of my buildings set up to sell as well, ones you see around the rest of the sim, Wood Bourne Roleplay. Hopefully I will be able to get those available to you soon as well.

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