De La Fae is Being SKINNED!

WOW! Time flies when RL grabs you! I’m sorry I haven’t released anything in a while but I have been working hard on something completely new for me… and for De La Fae!

Still working on the makeups… yes.. MAKEUPS.

Have you guessed it yet?

Yup… Hooman, Human.. skins! I plan on releasing them with MANY options. Cleavage, freckles, blush and they will come in 8 skintones!

I’m not quite sure how many makeups I will be doing, though I can easily imagine that once released, there could be many more to come!

*Tartarus Makeup*

*Eliesia Makeup*

*Tartarus 2 Makeup*

(Someone requested I show the Cocoa, so here you go!)

*Emo Cat Makeup*

*Classic Makeup*

*Amazon Makeup*


On the top floor of DLF I am pleased to announce that Sublime Shrouds will be joining us with their textures, along with PFM Furniture.

Stay tuned for more as it develops! *Waggles eyebrows*


~Lerochelle Destiny

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