DLS~ 25L Tues & Dresses!

O.O Yes, I said Dresses. *le gasp!* But first! ☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼ The Rue Tunic - 250L each color, 2000L MegaPack (HUD Driven) ☼☼☼☼Lady, Lord, & Ranger colors are part of 25L Tuesday! They are included in the MegaPack!☼☼☼☼ This outfit is available in both Full Size (Standard Avatar) and PETITE size! ☼☼☼☼FULL SIZE☼☼☼☼ ☼☼☼☼PETITE SIZE☼☼☼☼ Included... Continue Reading →

Crazy Creator Challenge!

~Crazy Creator's Challenge!~ So, you think you know De La Soul by heart? Each week, from May 8th to June 4th, I will post a picture similar to the poster sign in my main store. In the background will be a portion of an advertisement, or vendor image of an already existing product. What you... Continue Reading →

DLS~ Itty Bitty Things

***NEW RELEASES*** There are so many new releases at De La Soul, so I will try to keep it short and sweet! I have been working hard to get all my older outfits shrunk down! The Petite Suite is OPEN! Stop by and grab your FREE gift, the same purple tunic from Fantasy Faire and... Continue Reading →

~DLS @ Fantasy Faire 2012~!

☼☼☼☼ Guest Writer, Rys Vaughan! Cause, he's more talented than I am at writing! ☼☼☼☼ For the fourth year in a row, De La Soul by Lerochelle Destiny is proud to once again offer its help for the fight against cancer! From April 21-29, your favorite fantasy and medieval-style creators are back during Fantasy Faire 2012... Continue Reading →


Ahh.. Halloween... the time when kids are out Trick or Treating, thier parents chasing after them and reminding them to Look before they cross the street. "Don't eat that candy yet Billy!"... "But Moooooommmm!"... But this is also a darker time of year. Things creep and groan through the shadows, ready to reach out and... Continue Reading →

“What’s For Dinner.”

He cooks... he cleans, knows his way around a vacuum too!... He even makes everything from skins and clothing... the bad part? Yup.. I updated myself.. again. XD BTW.. I made that kitchen too! You DID notice the kitchen... right? XD Credits: Hair - Sadistic Hacker, Edgar - Black Shirt - De La Soul, Pinstripe... Continue Reading →

De La Soul in 25L Tuesdays!

That glorious time is upon us.. for the first time in .. well ever.. De La Soul is in the lineup for this weeks 25 L Tuesday! What is 25L Tuesday? Each week, 25 creators from all over the grid create one or more items and set them out all day Tuesday, for only 25L... Continue Reading →

The Archer Tunics

Tunics, tunics, tunics. Is that all I am going to make? Tunics!?! Yes.. and no. XD I make the pants too! Just in time for next week's 25L Tuesday too! The Archer Tunic - 299L each color. Includes: Prim collar, Bell style sleeves, Gloves, Belted Tunic Bottom, Clothing on all layers except tattoo, Swagger Leather... Continue Reading →

DLS is in Fall Fete!

Fall Fete from 25L Tuesdays starts tomorrow (Sept. 27th)and De La Soul is THERE with 15 items for only 25L each! Aestali & Aestalian Skins - Marked Copper - 25L each Yup! SKINS... for 25L... I am INSANE! Celtic Tunic - Aqua & Legwarmers Belted Brown 25L each Backpacks 25L each Traveler Scribe Cook Baker... Continue Reading →

Celtic Tunics & a Roo Purse!

After I finished these off, a friend took a look at them and told me that my Muse must have hit me with a ten ton hammer. I think he was right! XD There is more to come in this line after these tunics too! (The muse is bouncing on my brain!) Celtic Tunics -... Continue Reading →

DLS Long Tanks – Soundbars!

Time to sound off! Show your love of sound, be it music or screaming with these tanks! 75 l each color or 699l for the FatPack - Pic above takes you to the FatPack on the Marketplace. The individual colors are: Aqua Black Blue Cranberry Dark Lavender Olive Orange Plum Slate Toxic White You get... Continue Reading →

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