Celtic Tunics & a Roo Purse!

After I finished these off, a friend took a look at them and told me that my Muse must have hit me with a ten ton hammer. I think he was right! XD

There is more to come in this line after these tunics too!

(The muse is bouncing on my brain!)

Celtic Tunics – 299L each – 1599L per Set, Royals or Naturals

There are TONS of details to these that I have put in, from the Celtic edging and stitching on the sleeves and bottom of both the clothing layers and the Tunic bottom, to the fact that they are unisex as always with me. ^^ I tried for the best quality possible in all the textures to bring you the best quality product.

Best to let the pictures tell all. Clicking them will bring you to Flickr where you can see them better.

I also have a freebie one set up for the Isle of Amras Roleplay!

You can get it by clicking the picture and heading into the Info HUB to the Cheapies section.

Meeroo Lover’s Purse 299L

OMG.. I cannot remember if I blogged this or not… So a quick post in here on it.

Remember my Meeroo lover’s Backpack for the Large and Giant Meeroos? I updated it by the way… and sent out a WHOLE BUNCH with new scripts, a easier HUD to run it by…. and then thought… why not make one for tinies?

But how to do it?


Thank you Deo for taking the wonderful pictures of it! (She has all the teacups, I got all the Giants XD)

You can check out her blog HERE.

The purse includes the HUD for it and you can change both the colors of the leather and metal pieces, and the textures of the bags!

Getting your meeroos into it is just as easy as the backpack, and there are complete instructions included on how to do this.

DEMO can be found HERE for 1l or free in the main store.

Redundancy, I has it.

Lerochelle Destiny


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