DLS is in Fall Fete!

Fall Fete from 25L Tuesdays starts tomorrow (Sept. 27th)and De La Soul is THERE with 15 items for only 25L each!

Aestali & Aestalian Skins – Marked Copper – 25L each

Yup! SKINS… for 25L… I am INSANE!

Celtic Tunic – Aqua


Legwarmers Belted Brown

25L each

Backpacks 25L each





Much more is available at Fall Fete and not just from me!

I’m stall 40, so once out of the entrance tent, turn RIGHT to get there faster. Don’t forget to visit all the other stalls too for more 25L goodness!

Fall Fete Limo

Hope to see you there!

Lerochelle Destiny

De La Soul

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