The Archer Tunics

Tunics, tunics, tunics. Is that all I am going to make? Tunics!?!

Yes.. and no. XD I make the pants too!

Just in time for next week’s 25L Tuesday too!

The Archer Tunic – 299L each color.


Prim collar, Bell style sleeves, Gloves, Belted Tunic Bottom, Clothing on all layers except tattoo, Swagger Leather pants and prim legs to match the leather trim of the tunic.

Available in two trim colors, Black or Brown, and MANY colors!

Note: The Emerald Green at the bottom are NOT released yet, and will be the 25 L Tuesday event items for 10.25.11

The new store build is complete and in place, so stop on by to check it out! I will be setting it up for sale within the week along with probably ANOTHER VIP Group gift coming as well!

Now I gotta rest and take care of this cold. Anyone got a tissue? XD

Wandering the labyrinths of my mind’s eye,

Lerochelle Destiny

De La Soul

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