DLS~ Itty Bitty Things


There are so many new releases at De La Soul, so I will try to keep it short and sweet! I have been working hard to get all my older outfits shrunk down!

The Petite Suite is OPEN! Stop by and grab your FREE gift, the same purple tunic from Fantasy Faire and find the one outfit that is marked for only 10L!

Almost all new releases are for…

(I realize that some of these may already be posted in previous blog posts. DERP.)


~Petite~ Celtic Tunics
250L each color
3000L Megapack (HUD driven! Saves your inventory!)

Available in all the original colors, plus, ONE is only 10L!

~Petite~ Archer Tunics

299L each color
3000L Megapack (HUD driven! Saves your inventory!)
Available in either Black or Brown leather trim.

~Petite~ LoliDeo Dress
350L each color 14 colors to choose from!
3500L Megapack (NOT HUD driven, sorry.)

All colors shown below:

~Petite~ Gypsy Outfit
300L Starter pack

Works with ALL the full size Gypsy HUDs! No need to buy another HUD just for your Petite! (See what I did there? I just saved you money!)

The FULL Gypsy outfit
Wrapped Underwear sets (Mesh Petite Clothing)
Accent Sampler HUD
Plain Main Fabric HUD

Just some of the add-on HUDs available:
Click Here to go to the Full Size post to see all the add-on HUDs available!

~Petite~ Underwood Elven Pipe
199L Includes texture change HUD

Fancy a smoke?


~Modern Minotaur Pants – Mod Kit
350L per color
1500L Fatpack

Keep in mind this is a mod-kit for the Daenotaur Avatar and will not work (as far as I know) with any other avatar. It certainly will not work with a regular or mesh avatar. *Some editing knowledge required.* FULL instructions included.

*** Fantasy Faire Relay for Life Items ***
Did you miss your chance to get the Ikon skins at the Faire? The donation vendors are still rezzed in the main store! For only 350L, you get a beautiful skin AND help a worthy charity!

Love your Glaive Collection ears? Wish they would match the Ikon skins? Now they can!

~Ikon Glaive skin add-on HUD
50 L
Located next to the Glaive collection.

Your cross eyed creator, (explanation coming in next post)
Charlie (Lerochelle Destiny)

De La Soul

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