De La Soul in 25L Tuesdays!

That glorious time is upon us.. for the first time in .. well ever.. De La Soul is in the lineup for this weeks 25 L Tuesday!

What is 25L Tuesday? Each week, 25 creators from all over the grid create one or more items and set them out all day Tuesday, for only 25L each.

So lets see what I have in my bag of tricks for you today…

Two previously unreleased colors of the Archer Tunic.. in Emerald Green!

Note: ONLY the Emerald Green (Bottom two) are 25L, the rest are 299L regularly priced.


You ever want your own little flying dragon?
These little buggars are fast flying, as they swirl and dip around you. Made to be worn, though you can surely set them out on your land.

I don’t have a GREAT picture of them… They fly FAST! XD But if you want to see them in action, take a gander inside the Gatcha machine that sells them to you. Can you catch the RARE Rainbow shifting one?
 That is me, wearing them all at once! O_O

25L a pop in the gatcha machine next to the 25L Tues Display.

Gatcha catch them all! (Sorry stupid pun but I had to! XD)

And thusly, I need sleep.

Happy Tuesday!
Lerochelle Destiny
De La Soul

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