Ahh.. Halloween… the time when kids are out Trick or Treating, thier parents chasing after them and reminding them to Look before they cross the street. “Don’t eat that candy yet Billy!”… “But Moooooommmm!”…
But this is also a darker time of year. Things creep and groan through the shadows, ready to reach out and grab you while you chew that toosiepop!

Since this time of year for me is usually the busiest, with Halloween, and being born on Dia Los Muertos! It’s the crazy time.. so because of this, I have decided to give you all the gift of eternal life.. in a rotting corpse!

De La Soul presents (A teensie bit late!) ZOMBIES! 399L

FIVE skin tones to choose from in both Male and Female:

VIP Group Gift!
VIP Group Gift!

What you Get:
1 Skin in 1 tone with Eye wound
Clothing shown on ALL layers
BLOOD – ALL Layers
Luminis – Zombie Eyes – Includes Eye hider
It’s all there,except the hair!

A couple more pictures on my FlickR.

Happy Haunting!

Lerochelle Destiny

De La Soul

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