2018 Mesh Head Poll & Prize Drawing!

In an effort to keep up to date with the appliers I provide, please check off the most common mesh heads you use. (Up to 2.) One randomly chosen voter will be chosen to win a prize! (What is it? I don't know yet!) To be entered, put your SL name in the Other box... Continue Reading →

.:Soul:. Gen2 Skins Survey

I am asking you in the following survey how you prefer your skins packaged, and which bodies and or heads you have. Filling out this survey will really help me in making decisions on how to set up the Gen2 Skins! Thank you so much for taking your time! ❤ ~Senpai Take the Survey HERE! :D... Continue Reading →

.:Soul:. Surv-eh?

With the New Year already come and gone, I am taking a look at the skin tones and appliers I have, the groups I have, and wondering where I can make things better. I'd like if you could to please take a few moments of your time and fill out this... SURVEY I'd really appreciate... Continue Reading →

.:Soul:. HUD Layout Voting

So... Working on a new project, and it needs a new HUD! But Gibbs and I are.. well... butting heads on which Layout Style is the best. So I'm leaving up to the people that will be using these HUDs the most, You! Just take a look at the two screenshots of the two different... Continue Reading →

.:Soul:. Survey of Colorssssss!

I'm making a... thing. This thing requires TWO colors put together to make it. So I need your help for color combo ideas and names for them! Just fill out the following survey by pasting the RGB values of your favorite two colors to put together, Name the color Combo you've created, and you could... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Skins – Purples 2

So the Purple Fantasy skins were REALLY close. Like... insanely close! I need to cut one of them, because 3 purples is just one too many IMHO. Two of the three are also VERY close in tone and color to one another. So I need you to vote on the top three in that category.... Continue Reading →

.:S:. Fantasy Skin Polls!

Now HERE is what you've been waiting for! It's YOUR chance to make yourself heard and vote for what Fantasy tones I will be making as standard colors for the new skin line. In total, I made 19 different colors, some are just different shades of the same color, but I couldn't decide which one... Continue Reading →

Another Applier Poll!

On the one hand, you could have all the appliers for all the bodies I make for all at once, thus filling your inventory up and possibly confusing you. If you only have one type of applier needing thing, you wouldn't use the other things you paid for. On the other hand, you'd have to... Continue Reading →

.:Soul:. Polls!

I am asking YOU to help guide me in making the next line of .:Soul:. skins. Over the next few weeks, there will be probably a series of polls like the one below. All I'm asking is a few moments of your time to give me your input. This first poll is asking what kinds... Continue Reading →

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