.:S:. Fantasy Skin Polls!

Now HERE is what you’ve been waiting for! It’s YOUR chance to make yourself heard and vote for what Fantasy tones I will be making as standard colors for the new skin line. In total, I made 19 different colors, some are just different shades of the same color, but I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, so you do!

Guys! (Boys, Males, human beings (or other) with your jiggly bits between your legs.) You need to vote too as these same colors will be used for the future male fantasy skins too!

The top 8-10 skins picked will be the winners!


Read the titles. On some you can pick only one, on others, two.

There are FIVE polls in total. One for each base color. Be sure to vote on ALL of them! 😀

Vote for the number of the tone that matches that in the picture. (Sorry the pictures on the polls are so small. Edited to have the pictures bigger above them.)

2014 Skintones Fantasy Blues

2014 Skintones Fantasy Purples

2014 Skintones Fantasy Pinks

2014 Skintones Fantasy Reds

2014 Skintones Fantasy Greens

SO MANY COLORS! *collapses*

Thank you for voting!

~ Charlie

(Lerochelle Destiny)

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