2018 Mesh Head Poll & Prize Drawing!

In an effort to keep up to date with the appliers I provide, please check off the most common mesh heads you use. (Up to 2.)

One randomly chosen voter will be chosen to win a prize!

(What is it? I don’t know yet!)

To be entered, put your SL name in the Other box at the bottom of the poll.


Only .:Soul:. Staff will be able to see your name.


4 thoughts on “2018 Mesh Head Poll & Prize Drawing!

  1. My dear Lerochelle,
    you mean it well but this poll is absolute nonsense.
    We live in a time where new heads appear every month.
    You will never be able to satisfy everyone. The purchased product becomes completely useless after buying a more modern new head. Let’s face it, that it seems almost outrageous to ask for 3 pictures so much money. The easiest solution is to pack these three textures into your vendor, as anyone can create their own applier or layer themselves.

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