2018 Mesh Head Poll & Prize Drawing!

In an effort to keep up to date with the appliers I provide, please check off the most common mesh heads you use. (Up to 2.)

One randomly chosen voter will be chosen to win a prize!

(What is it? I don’t know yet!)

To be entered, put your SL name in the Other box at the bottom of the poll.


Only .:Soul:. Staff will be able to see your name.

9 thoughts on “2018 Mesh Head Poll & Prize Drawing!

Add yours

  1. My dear Lerochelle,
    you mean it well but this poll is absolute nonsense.
    We live in a time where new heads appear every month.
    You will never be able to satisfy everyone. The purchased product becomes completely useless after buying a more modern new head. Let’s face it, that it seems almost outrageous to ask for 3 pictures so much money. The easiest solution is to pack these three textures into your vendor, as anyone can create their own applier or layer themselves.

    1. Dear Dianna,
      It has taken me a while to write back to you regarding your view on how I should handle my products, and for that I apologize. However, there are a few things I feel the need to point out, not just to you but to everyone else reading this thread.

      > Yes, new heads appear every month, week, and sometimes days! It is extremely hard for creators to keep up with the demands, so, at least for myself, I have set up this poll to see which heads are the most popular, and which ones can be regulated to either unsupported, supported via Special Editions only, or would fall under the Omega appliers portion of my Head Applier HUDs.
      > As, and I am assuming here, you are not a creator, you may not be aware that making appliers and skins for different heads and bodies is not simply 3 textures. Each head and body has different features and UVs that we must align different parts of the skins to. I made a post about it here: https://wp.me/p14z5P-e5 Doing this can take an extreme amount of time and effort, resulting in the creator staring at the same three pixels for hours on end, nudging them this way and that in an effort to make them work on the newest body on the market.
      > As for the outrageous amount of money charged for skins, I ask you to keep in mind the amount of time and effort that we spend in creating each body and head, along with the time it takes to make each skin tone, fingernail, nipple, new face, etc; script the appliers (not to mention making the applier HUDs themselves), put the system skins together, make Demos, take pictures, package each item, and finally set things up in vendors for you to purchase.

      You are absolutely right. I can not, and will not try to satisfy everyone! However, I can attempt to fulfill as many people’s needs as I can, with what precious valuable time that I have and continue to do something that I love doing and that is creating skins for you to enjoy. 😀

  2. I use both the Lance and the James Bento heads from Raven Bell in addition to my Catwa Daniel. These both have existing Omega support/relays.

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