.:Soul:. Polls!

I am asking YOU to help guide me in making the next line of .:Soul:. skins. Over the next few weeks, there will be probably a series of polls like the one below. All I’m asking is a few moments of your time to give me your input.

This first poll is asking what kinds of appliers would you like me to use for the new skins? If there is one I have forgotten, hit the OTHER box and let me know! I’m not sure if I can get the Wowmeh applier kit, since the Wowmeh bodies were discontinued (maybe only temporarily, IDK), so if that one ends up being in the running for a top choice, and I cant get it, I’ll try for the next one in the ranking.

Slink Appliers are not on the list because these are already a guarantee to be made for the skins and include the Pysique body, Visage Head, and Hands and Feet.

As of now, I don’t plan on making appliers for previously released skins beyond what I have already made.

Previously released skin appliers include:

Lumi – Slink Physique, Hands & Feet.

Lumio – Slink Hands and Feet.

Ceredil – Slink Hands and Feet. LOLAs Tangos.


**EDIT** Removed LOLAs Tangos because I had planned on doing those appliers anyway. Also, Lush takes the same appliers, I believe still, so those are planned on being done.

I did some research on the different appliers too. Belleza hasn’t opened up their developer/creator kits yet, so those are out of the running (for now). I’m hoping they release them with enough time before I finish up these skins.

* If anyone knows of a MALE mesh body that accepts appliers, IM me in-world or comment with the LINK to it please!

I really wish I could test my skins on the different items without having to buy them all. XD SO MUCH MONEY!

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  1. Omega has a relay hud to apply skin to belleza body, nit hands or feet, but you can use slink hand & feet applies as belleza has a body that works with the slink.

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