.:Soul:. HUD Layout Voting

So… Working on a new project, and it needs a new HUD! But Gibbs and I are.. well… butting heads on which Layout Style is the best.

So I’m leaving up to the people that will be using these HUDs the most, You!

Just take a look at the two screenshots of the two different HUDs, and cast your vote below them. Nice and Easy.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The Color Picker and Saved Appliers buttons may be moved around to fit better with the flow, but their general locations in the pictures is roughly where I am looking at them being.
  • The Theme and texture style of the HUDs may change. These are just some quick (by quick I mean 3 days of work XD) textures to see the functionality and general layouts of the HUDs.
  • Both HUDs will “minimize” into the Logo Area. (I didn’t change the orientation of the Logo’s arrows on the Top Layout HUD. XD Oops!)
  • You are to be looking at the layout of the HUD, not necessarily the style or color theme going on. How well do you think it flows? Does it seem to make sense? (Even though buttons aren’t explained, but the use of it.)
  • I hate that these points sound like rules.
Click to View Full Size
Click to View Full Size
Click to View Full Size
Click to View Full Size


Vertical Style Wins! Thank you all for voting!


Vertical Style Layout. Click to view Full Size


9 thoughts on “.:Soul:. HUD Layout Voting

Add yours

  1. I like the skin tone arrangement of the one on top (voted for this one), and the large thumnails for saved appliers on the bottom.

  2. Not sure why I’m voting or commenting since am a guy and probably won’t use it but still the top one still looks better though could be improved by moving the color picker and skin selector a little more left under the main hud button. Gives more visible space and feels a little more organized.

  3. Personally I like the layout of the vertical HUD. Though I’ll be honest and admit I can’t compare it to the current HUD as I have yet to actually use my Uni Ears (patiently waiting the male skins to be released).

    But I could work with any of the HUDs listed. They all have their charm and all look easy enough to use.

    1. The Uni Ears are pretty much unisex right now! Don’t wait to use them! Besides, Several skin makers have made appliers for them already, both male and female, and even if they didn’t you can tint the ears to match a skin too.

      1. Sorry, I should have clarified a bit more. Most of the few skins I do own are pretty “meh” and I don’t really feel like tinting to match if I won’t be using the skin often. I’ve been eyeing some fantasy skins, but since I found out you would eventually be making new male skins, I figured I’d hold off until they eventually come out.

        But thanks for the heads up since I didn’t know there were any male appliers out yet. I kept meaning to ask in the Uni Ears group, but I kept getting distracted and forgetting.

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