Easter Bunneh Brings Okapi!

The Easter Bunneh has arrived!

Light Pastel rainbows grace the pale bunneh as he or she grips her basket full of eggs. The full Bundle comes with both sets of ears and tail, with bows and without, even the guys! The bows are color change scripted and the Basket is scripted to give the eggs along with a special little egg to wear.

Also released is just the Bunneh ears, tail with bows and basket. Bows scripted color change.


After the fashion show at B@re Rose, with the official unveiling of the super secret Bundle… The Okapi will be set up for sale in the store!

The sim is expected to fill up fast for Seductive Species, so get there if you want to be one of the first to see it! Sign with info and LM is available below. Just rez and click.
(Available in-world)

The cherry tree has been updated for Easter, so be sure to camp your tails off!

RiotVend will change this weekend as well.

Hope to see you at the fashion show! Many quality avatar makers will be there not just me!

Lerochelle Destiny

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